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 Anyone found my teeth, lower set wrapped in servette, one owner?
If you find them keep them, I could never eat with them anyway
Additional Details
another two hundred quid ...

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j u
Can teeth make you really sick?
can bad teeth make you lightheaded and sick to your stomach most of the time???
Additional Details
i did go to a dentist she pulled a wisdom tooth out that was rotting away and now they want to xray and clean all my teeth

Yes, teeth can really make you sick. If your teeth are in poor shape or decayed, it can make a really bad infection in your mouth. These germs travel into your bloodstream and even into your heart causing infections in your heart or throughout your body requiring you to be hospitalized to get antibiotics.

So in other words, take care of your teeth.

Barney R
See a dentist.


there are Toooth cancer also !

yes because teeth are also part of the body.so whatever you feel because of that it'll affect your whole being

YES...can cause major problems down to the jawline. GO TO A DENTIST...thats the best and only answer for any problems with your teeth because they wont get any better...and could get much worse if you dont get to the dentist ASAP

yes, it is an infection just like any other infection. it can make you extremely sick, you need to go get it taken care of, not to mention you could permanantly lose your teeth and not be able to get even a crown in to replace it if its infected so bad. please get it taken care of! there are even instances of death because of infected teeth, it is serious.

Great Dane
Well, they make me feel sorry for the person with the bad teeth.


mickey g
if they are infected yes

I am not sure they would create the lightheadedness but they can affect the digestive system and lead to other infections such as sinus pain. Its the infection around loose teeth and inflammed gums that you must get treated.

Yes! They will probably need to be pulled.

Yes. It should also be noted that an infection in the teeth can travel to the heart and cause heart problems. So, I would not wait any longer. See a dentist and have this taken care of. If you are afraid of the dentist, they do have dentist that specialize in sedation therapy for patients who are terrified of the dentist. That might be a better alternative, if you are afraid.

Yes, because it is a bacteria infection.

Ask me anything
I'll bet bad teeth make other people that have to look at them lightheaded and sick to their stomachs.

But yeah, bacteria infection is what causes gum/tooth decay and that can get you sick.

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