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What is a normal heart rate for a 21 year old female???And what's the heart rate of a heart attack???
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doctor says nothing else can be done but keep her comfortable....how long does she have? she is in severe pain daily lasting only 5 minutes at a time...losing a pound a day...short of breath......

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my boyfriend's mom had a stroke, but was able to be sent home the next day. the doctor's did tests and said she would be able to come home but with a week's worth rest.


 What causes inverted t-waves on an ekg?

 Blood Pressure 140/70 Heart Rate : 70 = Unhealthy?
it is a serious problem if the systolic doubles the diastolic for a 22 yr old male who excercises 2-3 times a week
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is it a serious problem if the systolic doubles the ...

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I am on 2 blood pressure meds - enalapril which I take in the morning and Toprol which I take at night. What time (s)should I take my blood pressure every day?

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If you have a blood pressure of 120/ 80 can you be suffering from atrial fibrillation?
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The would a long P-Wave indicate A-Fib?...

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Along with diet and exercise, of course........

 Have extremely high blood pressure. tests, bloodwork, ultrasounds,cat scans, mri's, no answers?
I am 30 years old, weigh 125 lbs, now. I lost 22 when i got sick. I don't do drugs and I work out and eat healthy. I ended up in the hospital with blood pressure of 280/145, the ER gave me ...

m d
What is an electrocardiologist? And what specifically does he do?

He does the electrocardiogram testing. It tells beats per minutes, reads blood flow and picks up any problems that your heart may have such as murmurs.

In my neighborhood they are called electrophysiologists but you are taking about a cardiologist who sub specializes in the heart conduction system. most people referred to them have some type of rhythm disturbance

If you disect the word its simple. Electro=electric, cardio=heart. Therefor he is a doctor who studies and specializes in the electrical part of the heart. These are the doctors who decide if a pacemaker is necessary. The doctor who pays attention to your heart rythms, etc...

A cardiologist is a heart doctor. "Electro" refers to electrical. I know that an electrocardiogram is put on your chest with little electrical pulsating wires which connect to a big machine that reads your heart's electrical charges to determine if it is functioning in a proper manner so maybe the electrocardiologist read the electrocardiograms.

Kevin J
The electrocardiogram represents electrical activity within the heart. An ECG measures the changing voltage and displays it graphically on the ECG screen. The program simulated the ECG display and gives an online interpretation.

an electrophysiologist is a heart doctor that specializes in abnormal heart rhythms. the abnormal heart rhythm can either be too slow, in which case s/he may put in a pacemaker, or too fast in which case s/he may treat you with medications, or s/he can make tiny burns in the heart conduction system to cure the fast heart rhythm, or if the abnormal rhythm is dangerous s/he can put in a defibrillator. some people with very weak hearts get defibrillators even though they have never had arrhythmias. that's becasue they are at risk of sudden cardiac death, which the defibrillator can prevent

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