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What happens if you produce to many white blood cells?

see you in church

what makes you decide you have too many white blood cells Micheal you dont know until you have a blood count so go see your doctor and put your mind at rest

Raving Tarts
Your body naturally produces a higher white bloodcell count when it is 'sick.' What it means is that your immune system is 'gearing up for war.'

What you are sick with is another question. A doctor definitely needs to examine you. However since you know your white bloodcell count is high, it could mean you have already consulted a doctor, or had a blood test recently? If the former concludes that you do not have any untoward illness because of this symptom than you should be fine. You could of been sick while they were doing the bloodcount on you. Worst case scenario as some other mentioned could be leukemia

As for low red blood cells, it could be because of a spleen disorder? The spleen is responsible for storage or destruction of red blood cells. However that is assuming the test results show that your red blood cell count is low in the first place. If they did not say that it was low than you should not need to worry about this area

I hope I assuage your worries.

Gary C
how long have you had this problem, and are you still around to read this .

Possible infection or autoimmune disorder.

I've read the other answers and mainly agree. What no-one has thought to tell you though, if your white blood cell count is high, is to go and buy some Vitamin C capsules to take regularly. Vitamin C helps to produce red blood cells. Hope you are going to be ok.

Normally white blood cell count goes up in infection, but if the increase is uncontrolled, furher investigation is needed to rule out leukemia.

When your body produces too many leukocytes (white blood cells), the condition is called leukocytosis.

When does this happen? When a person is very sick. Leukocytosis can be caused by cancer, fungal/parasitic infection, viral infection, bacterial infection, etc. In other words, when the body is under attack by a foreign invader, it responds by elevating its white blood cells in an attempt to gain control of the body again. So this isnt a disease or condition of pathology, but it is a sign of the body's immune system fighting a foreign invader

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