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Painful knee! 10 points best answer.?
Painful knee! 10 points best answer.?
Last night i injured my knee. I'm not completly sure what happened but i had trouble walking on it still am today. It's quite bruised and feels like it might be swollen.
I can put weight on it if its straight but not when i bend it. I feels like it would give way.

Should i go to the doctor or does it sound like it's just badly brusied?
Should i try and walk on it or sort of limp around the way i've been doing?
What could have happened to it?!
If i went to the doctor what would they do to it...i'm worried about them prodding at it because it's very sore?

Additional Details
Thanks everyone. I think i'll give it a couple of days then if it's no better i'll go get it checked out.
I wasnt the one who gave all these thumbs down.

Juan C
i think the best option is to cut ur leg

♥Twilight Luvr♥
I would go to the doctor especially if its swelling. It might be a staff infection :-P

Chelsea R
if its swollen you should definitely go to the doctor. this could turn out bad. i hurt my ankle once and i just thought i hurt it and i tried to walk it off and didnt go to the doctor, and it just got seriously screwed up. its better just to be safe. and you should try not to walk on it. and doctors help, whatever they do, even if it hurts for a second, its always for the better in the long run

I would try and stay off it, also go to the doctor. It could be nothing however better safe than sorry.
You may have just hit it someway and are just feeling the repercussions now.
The doctor will probably have to prod it a little bit, just to find the source of the injury.

When the pain still there after couple days and it does not go away, you should be pretty concern about any damages inside your knee, go see a doctor and listen to what doctor has to say for your own good. Go now, sometime early treatment can save you a lot of trouble.

well, i've had more injuries then i should have on my knee. Best advice go to the doctor its better to be safe then sorry. In the mean time.. i'd put some heat on it it usually helps with mine. But honestly i tore muscles and everything in my knee without knowing it so get it cheaked and don't put to much pressure on it if it hurts try more and more as time goes on don't force weight onto it =)
I hope you get better!

Hm I am not sure, but my cousin tore a tendon in her knee, that's all I can think of.

well it depends on the way u fell on it!! The jointed might be broken!!!I think u are better off seeing a doctor!!They will take X-ray and see wat happend they wont mess around with it!!

Bobby D
just a bad brusied keep off if can will be beeter in 2 days

I think the safest thing to do is go to the doctor. Better safe then sorry. By the way, if the doctor is hurting you, you can always ask him to stop what he's doing. You might have shattered your knee minorly, or like you said it could just be a bruise. But you won't know if you don't go to the doctor.

Continue to put ice on the knee and keep it propped and elevated. Sleep relaxed tonight, and if the knee is still sore/bruised tomorrow I would recommend calling Ask A Nurse or planning on making an appointment for Monday. You probably just twisted it or landed on it wrong, or hit it against something and you can't remember. Don't worry, doctors know what they are doing and won't hurt you. The worst that will happen is that they'll give you some pain meds or put your knee in a bandage wrap.

Go to the doctor ASAP

† ĉгσšš èÿé? †
you need to see a doctor. it could be a plethora of ailments. apply ice for 15 min & heat for 15min. take motrin as directed and elevate your knee.

if you're not doing anything for the next few days then just elevate it and ice it. but see a doctor if you're doing domething where you have to walk alot etc.

I would give it another 2days or say. It might just be badly brusied but because you have to move your knee, its not giving it time to heal as fast as you would like it. I would use some ben-gay cream on it or a heat wrap and take a pain med.

If it doesn't go away in a few days, talk to your doctor.

Annah A
you should go to the doctor it might be broken

I think you'd be best going to the doctor, you'll never know otherwise, I'm sure they'll be pretty gentle with you, but would you rather risk injurig yourself further?

could be a torn meniscus. you should definatley see a doctor!!!

my disloacte often though taht doesn't sound like your case. what i would do is go in to E.R. and let them evaluate your injury. x-rays adn what not. they will give u a pain killer and if you ask them to be gentle they put better effort in to it jsut let them know when it hurts!
good luck and sorry bout ur knee :(
plz pick me!

Put ice on it if its swollen.
Bruising on the knee can cause pain.
I wouldn't try walking on it, it would only increase pain and the swelling.

Take tylenol of some sort an put ice on it. Give it a couple days to subside, if not.. go to a doctor.

Hope your knee get's better =]

Why are you walking on your knees anyway? Stop trying to walk on them...use your feet. I'm kidding...just in that kind of mood lol.

1. The doctors would never hurt you.
2. Go see the doctor.
3. Wait and don't put any pressure on it, let it rest and recover. If after a couple of days, it still hurts THEN I would go see a doctor.

scott c
Depends on where the pain is in your knee. (Under knee cap, below cap, to the side of the knee?) ACL injuries are very common and painful as are MCL injuries. It also depends on how you injured it (twist it?, got hit by something?) There's alot of what ifs when it comes to knee injuries so you need to be more specific on how you did it and where the pain is

are you kidding?
go to the doctors
theyll poke away at your knee
and diagnose you with some horrible disease
then youll have to pay a million bucks to go get it fixed
thats their job

but seriously
if you think somethings wrong with it
maybe put some ice on it
and go anyway
it could be something bad
and its better to be safe then sorry

Ice it for 10-15 minutes at least once an hour if possible. Elevate it when possible. Take ibuprofen to reduce swelling and take away some pain.

Torn meniscus, torn tendon, torn ligament, torn muscle or just bruised. Fracture, contusion or blood clot. Call a doctor or go to webmd.com

If you go to the doctor he/she will check for instability. You say it feels like it will give way. It good be a tear in one of the cruciate ligaments. A MRI would be the definitive test. See your doctor, it needs to be examined.

B is for Becca
somthing like that happened to my friend and it turned out that she had some kind of rare disease that mades her knee jolt out of place so i think you should definately get it checked out . my doctors has this thing where you can just talk to a doc over the phone mabay its worth seeing him/her.
try cura-heat spray at the moment till you can contact a doctor(my friend swears by it) it should numb the pain but be careful not to over do it because it feels better.

get well soon : ]

Donald Jr
What are the Signs and Symptoms?
Do you have any Allergies?
What are the medications you take?
Do you have any Past Medical History?
When was the last time you eat?
What were you doing when you injured your knee?

What would make the pain start?
Does the pain spread or it stays in one place?
Could you explain the quality of the pain?
In 1 to 10, how severe is the pain?
What time exactly start having the pain?

Yes, you need to bring it to the doctor.
You possibly might have fractures, sprain or strain but I don't go to conclusions.
It needs traction for now.

Knees are nothing to mess with! I got hit by a truck as a pedestrian in 2001 and my whole left side was hit and had to have medal plates and staples screws, you name it I got hit pretty good!! But, the wierd part is, here they are completely operating and X-Raying parts of my left side, right, but didn't dare think to check the knee? I thought this was so strange after we got back from vacation... and I found out I had two completely broken ligiments, in the back of my knee not to mention the tip of my bone that goes to my knee was broken! But, by the time we'd gotten back home, the fracture pretty much was in the healing process, but I had to have the ligiments operated on. And replaced with tendants. However, the whole time we were stuck in California because of my having to go and get check-up after check-up's done, they had over looked checking my knee. I even complained to my (then husband) about how much my knee hurt all of the time, and he'd just tell me it was probably the casting, causing my knee to hurt. Well, he'd also tell me to just take another pain pill for it. To basically shut me up!HaHa!! NOT GOOD! So, the bottom line is our knee's have to bend, and we rely on them so much so, I would not even play around with this! I'd definitely go and see a doctor A.S.A.P.!!! NOTHING to MESS WITH, HUN!! Go and dont hesitate, cuz later on you could take someone's advice on here, and find out it was something bad, and wish you hadn't gone and blew it off! So, take my story for an example, knee's are nothing to mess with!! So, be very careful, and take every caution to the pain and difficulties your experiencing, because of this. Your body is trying to tell you that you do need to see a doctor, and it should be right away! I know what an inconvienience it is to go to the doctor, but in all honesty you'll be glad you didn't put this off any longer once your there, and in there care you'll feel better too! So, just make a point to either drop by the E.R.,, or make an appt., to get seen soon with your Primary Care Physician..As soon as they can fit you in. I'd just go to the E.R.=Emergency Room instead. Good Luck to you either way hun. Hope you feel better soon, and get the care your knee needs.

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