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 Anyone have a cheese allergy - is there such a thing?
I quit cheese about 2 weeks ago and MAN do I feel better.
I was exhausted all the time - now not so much anymore.

Is this common? Is there data on this?...

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 I'm really congested, is there something that will open up my sinuses?
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 I've had a stuffed nose for about a month. Nothing comes out when I blow. No history of allergies. Ideas?
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 Flea bites?
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 Am i allergic to alcohol?
With some drinks, my throat itches or burns or i feel like i have a sore throat. Sometimes my glans swell in my throat. Others I turn really pale and have an increased heart rate or 107 beats per min ...

 which is better living with allergies?
my mom has allergies and we want to know were its better to live north carolina Seattle or oregon i really want to because we are trying to move but we don't know which is ...

 can you take Tylenol Pm with Amoxicillin? (for sore throat)?

 Did Dinosaurs have allergies?

 Is it true that when your nose itches...?
I was told that when my nose itches, that meant I was going to get mad about something. Have you ever heard that?...

 How do i know if my newly pierced ears are infected or have an allergic reaction?
I have had them for about 3 weeks.

They are extremely itchy

i have plastic ...

 how do stop a clogged nose?
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 my ear is stopped up how do I clear it?
so I was clearing wax from my ear with my finger and the next thing I know I'm having trouble hearing out of my left ear. however if I tilt my head to either side or look down i can hear fine. ...

 How Can I Cure My Stuffy Nose? (Allergies?)?
This Kid In My Class ad A Stuffy Nose And Then He Sneezed On Me >.<
And Now I Have The Stuffy Nose! I Hate It!!

When I Try To Go To Sleep I Can't Breathe. Only Through My M...

 Allergic to hair dye now what??
I ve been dying my hair black now for the last 8 years and in the last 2 years I keep getting an allergic reaction everytime I do dye it. How can I still dye my hair but not let the dye touch my ...

 Should I go to the doctors if I THINK I have an allergy that isn't so serious?
I am 13. Since I was about 11 my eye (mostly right but sometimes left) would randomly become itchy and I would rub it and my eye would become swollen and red for about 12 hours. I realized now that ...

 what could this be.....................?
weakness,sore throat,small fever(comes and go),...

 gluten free food in america?
I'm going to America on holiday (Las Vegas, San Francisco and then a cruise on the Mexican Riviera)

Does anyone know if I'll be able to get gluten free bread etc. in hotels and ...

 allergy testing - amount of time you have to be off meds.?
my son is scheduled to be tested for allergies on thursday.
They said no meds for 3 days....which seems a bit extreme.
I've read everything from 12-48 hours without meds....what is ...

Itchy/watery eyes, itchy throat runny/stuffy nose & constantly sneezing?
I am going to the doctor next week to see whats up, but what can I do for know?
I want to wake up tommorow feeling better.
I tried allergy pills(doesn't work)
Can someone give me an effective home remedy?

Oranges, Honey, lemon,try it.

There are certain cold and allergy pills that were sold over the counter until about 2 months ago. Now, they are exactly the same , but they have to be sold behind the counter. You don't need a prescription for them, but the pharmacist has to write down your driver's license # in case someone OD's on them or something. I'm glad you're going to the doctor next week. I hope you wake up all better tomorrow. Maybe Dayquil would help. Take a lot of Vitamin C, and tea with honey. You'll be better soon, it's just s b****in the meantime!!

It&#39;s Whatever
seasonal allergies. benadryl

mythri vallabhaneni
take some water boil n use zandu balm or turmeric n inhale fumes n clear ur throat...
use antihistamines ....tab.
use boiled water to drink...
do not drink refridgerated water.
eat hot food.
vit c is needed ...take tab or oranges amla .. lime rice ..

sheamerious b
Boil a lemon cut up in a pot with some honey . Put a towel over your head a put your head face down in the pot(after u take it off the stove of course) and breath deep. U can also add a couple of cough drops halls are the best with the vapor action

Well this was how I felt on Friday but now its the opposite now I don't really feel bad but its not a normal feeling...My nose is stuffy so I can barley breath unless I got my mouth open which I hate but you should take some Claritan it works well...or you could try some generic type to save a little money they work just the same...hope you feel better....SMILE...I don't really have a home remedy....sorry if I wasn't much of a help

Hot tea with lemon and honey. Run a cool mist vaporizer or take a steamy shower.

Tylenol sinus usually clears up a stuffy nose. Don't combine too many OTC because they can dry you out and compound the problem.

You have to show your license so they can match that ID with your health insurance. Insurance fraud by consumers is big business. The doctor wants to make sure of who you are.

You probably do have allergies, but you may also have sinus problems!!! You need a Sinus/Allergy med, not just allergy med. Alavent P.E. for sinus/allergy works well. You can purchase @ any pharmacy, but will need to show your drivers lic. in order to purchase.

Yup, there's a good one called Nutrilite ClearGuard. It's totally all-natural and it works rigjht away. You can get it online at
www.summitventures.wwdb.biz. The access code is "summit" if you're in canada or "summitusa" if you're in the states. You have to surf aruond the website for it. I think it's under Edibles and then you click Nutrilite. Should be there.

It's the only thing that worked for me and i was just totally sick of prescription stuff. I used Claritin for a while but honestly, taking all those chemicals can't be good for your system.

Good Luck!

Probably is a seasonal allergic reaction. Keep a journal of your symptoms and you will figure it out faster than your doctor. Maintain your house immaculate clean and you will see the difference. Pills treat the symptons but you neet to get to the bottom of your problem and correct it.

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