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 Diabetes myth?
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 constant glucose monitors?
Does anyone know if they are covered by insurance yet?
Last time I was at the endo was in June, and she said they were still in the middle of being FDA approved.
I couldn't find any ...

 my husband has been getting dizzy spells for two weeks?
when he lays down hey said he gets nauseated....

 I don't know what i have?
i feel REALLY tired a lot.
i use the restroom more.
i get dizzy easy.
thirsty more
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 Do you have advice on blood sugar issues?
I had my yearly physical last week. My physcian wanted to test my thyroid for the 3rd year in a row. It always comes back normal. My mother has severe hyperthyroid, so my dr. always worries. After ...

 BS going up to 300+. Non-Diabetic? Really need help on this one please.?
Okay, as my previous post my sugars were going up 350+ after eating. Mainly 10-15mins later. Eventually drops to normal rate especially in 2 hrs.
Went to Doctor. He done all the test. My range ...

 Can diabetics skydive?
i was curious because i am looking into it, and i am a type one diabetic. should i have 15(or 30) grams of juice first? or should i just take of my pump prior to doing it? thanks....

 Any good diet plans for diabetics?
My family is getting together for a family reunion in June and several of my relatives are diabetic and are on a diabetic diet. What kind of foods can they eat or should stay away from?...

 Is cough medicine okay to take if you have diabetes?
My father has been extremely sick for years. He's had diabetes for years, but never took care of himself. He's extremely weak and unable to walk much. He's been sick for a couple of ...

 metformin make anyone super sick?
I get violently sick, I read the drug can accumulate in your system and you end up with a pancreatic attack. This happen to anyone?...

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 i'm diabetic with no insursnse i want to know if there are any place that might help withthe cost?
i'm a diabetic and with no insurance what i want to know if anyone knows of a program that helps people like me ...

 can i get in the world record book?
when i was 11 i became diabetic and almost died. but my sugar was 2500 and i think that's the highest know out there.
don't say it was 250 i have sugar levels of 500 ++ every day....

 Why do diabetics NEED sugar?
So here's the story, I dated this girl once in college and she was a diabetic...she had to always take insulin and have her blood sugar levels checked.

I can remember several ...

 Dr prescribed birth control and metformin (I don't have diabetes)?
I haven't had my period since February and went to get a pap. The doc said everything look fine well she told me to get blood work done to see my hormone levels they came back a bit off. Im over ...

 how can i cheat a urine test?
i was used to smoke hash on a regular basis and now my parents do a little urine test every 15 days. i have to take it at home. they give me the cup, i have to fill it and hand it out to them. it'...

 how much time left for this guy to become a diabetic?
drinking 2-4 glasses of coke per day.only walking 1 km a day. having 3 meals and 1-2 chocolate bar a day. that person is a teen . he is neither overweight nor under weight(50-55KG)....

how high does your blood sugar have to be before the doctor puts you on medication?
i am recently diagnosed "borderline" diabetic. how high will my A1C get before i should be concerned on getting on meds?

l was put on avandia 4mg for my type 2 , and my sugar levels were only at 13,, but l was getting very bad headaches which made my BP shoot through the roof. close to stoke levels. I lost 60 lbs now and am med free. and was told if sugars got above 9 to start pills again... Thank GOD my sugars are in normal levels between 4-7.
One thing to remember borderline just means you are being diet controlled. that is it. there is no such thing as borderline according to my dr. you either have it or you don't...
Also diabeties is a slient killer.. be careful... when my sugars were up like l said, l was on the verge of a stoke,, l went to the dr to get checked out when these headaches started. l normally don't get headaches.
Also make an appointment to go in and talk to your dr. and tell him your concerns if you have them.
There are many different types of meds out there for diabeties. not just metforman....Ask questions about the different kinds of meds with your dr. to help find the best one for you,, remember this is your body and you know best on how it works...write your questions out before going to the dr.'s cause we all know that when you get in there you can't remember what you wanted to ask. Best of Luck.

It usually has to be pretty high before they will put you on meds. They consider you borderline or pre-diabetes when your level is over 100.

I would focus more on eating a low fat diet and regular exercise to prevent it. You have to change your eating habits eat healthier and get a little exercise and your borderline will disappear.

It depends on your doctor, and how he believes in treating diabetes. Many doctors put all diabetics on insulin at first. Some will use oral medication first (except for type 1) and some just tell you to watch your diet.The way a doctor treats a diabetic can depend on more than just an A1C, or how high the blood sugar is. You should talk to your own doctor and see what he says.

mama bear
I would think if your A1C was over 6, than your Dr. would suggest Metformin. Even if your A1C is just under 6, it seems that your Dr. should be suggesting it...it makes your cells more sensitive to Insulin, and for most people is incredibly beneficial.

I take 600mg of alpha Lipoic acid in addition to 2000mg of Metformin to get my sugars under control. Get another Dr.'s opinion if they suggest Sulfonyl Ureas-they burn out your pancreas.

It varies. My A1C was 7 a month after I started Metformin (fasting blood sugar was 180-24). Now its 4.5 3 months later and I'm not taking 1/2 the dosage. Like the others said, it depends. Id assume 6.5-7 range will do it. Likewise if you A1C is increasing each time but is still low, they might put you on a low dose to play it safe.

Pit Bull
My A1C levels kept hovering around 6.2 on diet control only but at the last check it had inexplicably jumped to 9.3 and the doc started me on Metformin. Things have improved quite noticeably in only 4 days.

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