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 Whenever I bite down, there's this weird popping sound in my right ear. Any help?
I noticed this almost a week ago and I thought it was going to go away. And it didn't. This really worries me... Also, it's not loud. It's a small sound that only I can hear....

 Is Medicaid free now for all U.S. citizens now after Obama's new reform?
I'm very confused, because I thought Obama made a HealthCare Program free for all citizens, but I starting to see that you have to buy one, but their not covering much at all. Someone please ...

 What is the best stuff to put on bug bites?
I believe I have bed bug bites and they are driving me crazy....what is the best cream or medicine to use when it comes to the itch relief??...

 little concerned with my second hole ear piercing?
well back in june i got my second hole ear peircings done. i hvae started taking them out in like the begining of october. i took them out last week and the earings are kinda hard to take out like i ...

 hit my left knee real hard?
Two months ago at my job, I slipped and fell on some food on the floor. I landed awkwardly, kind of like doing the split, but I banged the side of my left knee. I can walk fine with almost no pain, ...

 i got a ant bite from a big black ant on the inside of my lip on an olser 3 times.?
ya on a mouth sore i was out with my buddies then i put my coke down come back 3 mins later and there something crawling in my mouth. bam bites my all over swells up and hurts really bad....

 when i take a first bite of food i get a head rush. what could this mean?

 can poison ivy get in your blood stream?

 what is the easiest way to give up smoking?
I've heard that one should his own nails in a cigarette and smoke it, that it works in 100% of cases. but it sounds so disguating!...

 My son has a bite on his stomach that oozed green and black puss. What kind of bug/spider could this be from?
He had 3 little ones like this about 5 months ago on the backside of his knee where it bends. They were in a triangle. They got huge and puss filled, but once they drained the skin started to peel ...

 ear wax removal methods?
anyone no how to remove ear wax without syringing....

 Why do people bite their nails? Asked by my daughter aged 11, so be kind please.?

 Burned my hand on a hot lamp ...?
About half an hour ago I accidentally burned the back of my hand on a lamp. The burn is about 3cm by 1.5 cm, and I did run it under the cold tap straight away. Now it's very sore and red, but I&#...

 I need a defibrallator for training purposes only?
but my company does not have the budget for one. Does anyone know of an organisation who provide them for free? Courses I've attended in the past use special training de-fibs, not real ones - ...

 When will this heal? (pics included)?
hi, i trapped it in a car door about 2 weeks ago and half my nail has already fallen off. My mum said it will heal in about a week, but my dad says the rest of my nail will fall off. do any of you ...

 please help....burn hurting a lot!!!?
Hi everyone . I accedentaly scalded myself at work today with hotter than boiling water (urn on the wall) Burnt all my hand but now the only bit that is red is between 1st and second knuckles and ...

 ive got a circle on the end of my finger???
i have got a circle,almost like a blister at the end of my finger.its slightly raised then its got a slight dent too.any ideas???...

 numd little finger what does it mean?
for a few weeks my little finger has be numd on and off what does it mean?...

 i have a 2 year old and she got stung by a bee on her knee and it is hot and now she acts like she can't walk?

 Bad Nosebleed! Help!?
Okay so earlier today I had a nosebleed for about 15 minutes and then it stopped so I went to bed. I woke up and my nose was bleeding and has been for about 20 minutes since that. I know I ...

I put hydrogen peroxide in my ear and it won't come out?
my ear's been clogged due to a cold, and so I tried hydrogen peroxide. I let it sit for about 8 minutes and it won't drain out... My hearing is all messed up and stuff. What do I do?

The best thing to do is lay on your side with a warm damp towel under your ear. Yawn or chew gum to equalize the pressure and push the peroxide out. If this does not work, gently push a Q-Tip into your ear to pull the peroxide out and then let the rest drain onto the towel. If your hearing is still "messed up" a few hours after this, see a doctor to prevent permanent damage.

Haha I had a good laugh... It seems you did not put enough in your ear. Put some more in cause your ear could really be clogged up..... also try using an ear bud to remove it.

lay down on your side with the ear facing down. press a cotton ball to your ear (don't shove it in there, just place it) and your ear should start draining. sleep like this too, but if you don't want the cotton ball in there all night just put a cloth on your pillow so waxy peroxide doesn't get everywhere. in the morning, if the peroxide is still there...call a doctor.

Dave P
Use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and rubbing alcohol in your ear instead. The vinegar will dissolve any wax and the alcohol will evaporate the moisture.

If you have a q tip use that to clean it out or tolet paper if that dose not work do a drop of water then use one of the two thins I listed to clean it out and if you still have a problem after tomarrow then got to the doctors

No need to panic. This has happened to me. A big bubble from the peroxide gets trapped and won't let the liquid out. Lay on your side with a washcloth under it and either chew some gum or open and close your mouth. Also, you can use a qtip to gently get to it.

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