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i just cut myself with a stainless steel knife,there is a very very small cut,u can barly see it.Is there a possibility that i could get rust poinining,bc i am feeling 1 or 2 symtoms,but idk if im ...

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I have a water blister on my feet from running this morning. What should I do to heal it? It hurts when I jog, and I have wrestling practice tomorrow and I'm afraid it might hurt more....

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 Can you please tell me if I'm gonna be okay? (Please help!)?
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 how often should CPR be re-taken?
how long can the rescuer stop CPR to move the victim?

plzzz nd thank ...

 How long do burns take to heal?
I accidently burned part of my hand with a straightener a couple of hours ago and it hurts pretty bad how long would it take to heal? Its bright red and in the center a really light pink color....

 If you have water in your ear and you can hear it bubbling and squishing; is it ok to put peroxide in you ear?

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 how can i tell what i have done to my thumb?
i was at lacrosse practice yesterday and my finger got sandwiched in between 2 sticks i didnt have gloves on and i do play girls lacrosse so i dont have protectice padding. right after my thumb was ...

 Recently my right hand became inflamed no trauma that I can think of - just up from the thumb and index finger?
it hurts a lot when I type or write or anything - can't carry any weight at all. Just wonder what it could be and if any natural remedy for the pain and to make the swelling go down....

 Why do my hands swell randomly?
it don't matter where i am either im at dance or the grocery store or just at home my hands swell randomly i don't take any medications and i don't eat alot of salty foods it happens ...

 Help!!! medical question. Black scab!!!?
OK, so i have a recurring abscess on my a$$. I had a I & D done on it like 2 yrs ago. Then, out of the clear blue sky with no symptoms the area that was opened in the I & D was open again ...

 best way to clean ear wax out of your ears?

 My son got bitten by a horse and I need some suggestions until I can get him to a doctor tomorrow.?
My son got bitten by a horse today. It appears to not be serious or life threatening, mainly bruises on his arm and skin cut open, but no broken bones or anything like that. I have an appointment ...

 Do wounds heal faster with or without band aids?

 How can you heal a ......?

 how do i heal my tongue?
last thursday i rubbed my tongue against the back of my bottom teeth, and a taste bud got caught in between a gap in my teeth. now it is swollen and it has bled. it hurts to the touch and how do i ...

 how to stop swelling?

What do I do for the pus coming out of my ear?
I had went to the ER 12-13 days ago, finished all of my antibiotic drops/oral antibiotics (was treated for "swimmers ear" and now the meds are gone, and pus is coming out of my ear. I am not sure what to do about it, it is a little uncomfortable, and I have been having to take Excedrin to reduce pain. I really can NOT afford to go to the doctor again. What can I do?

You need antibiotics to cure your ear infection. And the only way to get them is a) any medical care b) MAYBE you can go to a pharmacy and they can sell you medicine but I have heard of this. c) go to Mexico. And this is why need health care reform aren't you glad it passed.

Med C.M.E
Hello April
Since you have been to an E.R. 10 days ago,and had an antibiotic treatment in both oral
and topical form,try this: lukewarm wash-cloth pressed against your ear,and your head on a pillow
ear facing against this warm washcloth,and on the pillow.This might help to drain the pus.Other than
this ,you will have to get another prescription and exam for this.Try it if it does not resolve within the
next day ,go back with the prescriptions you were given to get them re-filled.


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