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 Sweating problem?
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 Are push ups an isometric excersize?

does eating raw ramon noodles give you tapeworms?
i had just always heard that eating the noodles without cooking them could give you tape worms so i just really want to know if its true.

SaylorMoon ♥
No, they don't. Raw noodles are awesome :P Eating raw food is actually quite a trend right now. Usually once you cook something, it loses a lot of the nutrients that it once held. So, you might be gaining from eating them raw. Go Ramen noodles! :)

No, tapeworms come from eating undercooked or contaminated meat such as pork. Ramen noodle are non perishable pasta and are made in plants that are regularly inspected. Usda inspections have also nearly eliminated tapeworms from meat, however, always cook meats thoroughly.

I've never heard that before. Sometimes I need to satisfy the urge to crunch, so I eat them dry. Far as I know I'm still healthy....

Let's just say that I've been eating Ramen without cooking it for close to a decade and I'm still tapeworm free. :-)

lol! no, it's a myth, just like dropping a penny from the sears tower and killing someone.

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