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 What can help to quicken up the healing from Swine flu?
I got Diagnosed with Swine flu 9th July 09. Im a 12 year old. I'm on Tamiflu atm seeing i had bad symptoms. I feel fine at the moment. perfect. But im going on a school trip Monday to thorpe ...

 how do doctors treat swine flu with a 3 month old?
i started to feel sick 4 days ago, an upset stomach and diarrhea. if i do end up having swine flu, i know i can pass it on to my kids. i am more worried about my 3 month old baby, if i pass it on to ...

 What am I coming down with?
I took a nap this afternoon..and I woke up feeling terrible. I tried standing up but I couldnt see...everything was spinning.
My head is throbbing and my muscles hurt so bad. I just took my ...

 What do antiviral medications actually do?
If you have herpes type 1 do they (basically) prevent from the passing of the herpes from one another?...

 Please help? Sore throat, runny nose, coughing? three weeks and it's not getting better?
I've been sick for three weeks and it's not getting better? Please help? Sore throat, runny nose, coughing?
I've been to the Dr. twice. First time they said upper respiratory/...

 Swine Flu Vaccine Question?
I work with people with a lot of people with disabilities and see it my responsibility to get this vaccine. However, some of my family members and the parents of the disabled people I work with are ...

 What kind of cold is this? And what medicine will help get me through it?
My throat was the smallest amount sore the past couple days and on Sunday I had a horible headache. The past two days I've been sneezing and then feeling the urge to sneeze and my head feels ...

 Do I have Swine Flu!?
Well yesterday i started coughing and I was like oh no I hope I'm not getting sick. I started feeling really bad and I called my mom to pick me up from school. We went to the doctor and she said ...

 What are the symptoms of the swine flu?
What are the symptoms of the swine flu?...

 Help whats wrong with me?
Ok Sunday night i ate some cub food brand pizza rolls & then a few hrs later I had strong pains in my stomach & sides.Then after that I had soft stools then few hrs later starting throwing ...

 I think i have conjunctivitis so how do you get rid of the hard stuff on your eye in the morning?
i woke up and my eyes were like stuck shut and there was alot of hard stuff on it :S how do i get rid of it?...

 How do antibodies work?
Here's what I've inferred: They bond to receptor proteins on the target cell or virus, and somehow destroy it. How exactly does it destroy the target microorganism? Why would these ...

 What is my diagnosis?
I'm a 21 year old female.
I've got unexplained weight loss, fatigue and mood swings.
I've also got ringing in my ears that sound slike blood rushing through my head and pain ...

 What type of tick is this?
I think this is the type of tick that was on my daughter's stomach ( I don't know what kind of tick is in the picture) and I was wondering what kind it is. It might of no been this kind of ...

 So I have a fever of 103.5 and...?
my forehead isn't hot at all, but my eyes feel like they're burning? What is going on?...

 what should i give to someone who is hospitalized?
my friend got into a really bad motorcycle accident and is now in a coma i really want to visit but i have no idea what to give him. i'm thinking of flowers but i don't know which are best ...

 Experts on Giardiasis?
I'm doing a school project on the disease Giardiasis.
The internet doesn't offer a lot of information on it,
so I was hoping someone would know a lot about it
on Yahoo!

 Why don't we get HIV from mosquitoes?
It seems possible since they work with blood and everything, but you never hear about people spontaneously catching HIV that is later explained by a mosquito....

 visual disturbances w/sinus infection?
i had a cold two months a ago and ever since then ive had sinus problems. I was getting bad pressure headaches and my easr felt clogged. My ears were ringing and i would get pain in them once in ...

 what causes mucle spasm or twitching?
I am starting to notie them more often ...but its like ive always had them so ive never really paid them mind but I wonder what could be the cause ....I get these little twitches on my arms or leg or ...

Rock it, Li-lo. <3
Can you catch a common cold or flu twice in one month?
Well, sadly my family is ill with the flu at the moment, and I'm the only one (for now) that is hasn't got it. I don't want to catch it but, anyway. I had a cold about a couple of weeks ago, wasn't nice. And I think I've passed it onto my family, which are all currently sick. What I'm asking is can I catch a common cold or flu twice really badly in the same month? Someone once told me that you are immuned up to 25 to 30 days so you wouldn't catch a cold.

Yes, you can have multiple different viruses in the same time period. It is probably easier to get the second one if you are exposed since your are in a weakened state.

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