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 Vibrio Vulnificus - HELP?
My daughter had a bump on her arm and the doctor swabbed it. It came back as "vibrio vulnicifcus" a rare pathogen/bacteria found in sea life. We haven't been near an ocean for months. S...

 can you catch hepatitis from a dirty toilet seat?

My 2 Year old has a 102.5 fever?
Hi my 2 yr old daughter has has a fever for 2 days now. friday she went for a check up and had a 100.4 fever which i didnt think anything. I woke up sat morn and she told me she did not feel good she was drinking and eating good still played but still has 102 fever. Today we woke up and she has has a 102.5 fever all day i CANT break it at all!! i just took her temp about 10 mins ago it was 102.5 so i gave her some mortin and about a min after she threw up.she has not been eating today she is drinking a little bit but i have to hold the cup for her. should i bring her to the er tonight or should i wait and bring her to the doc tomorrow??

I would take her to the ER as soon as possible. With the high fever and little fluids , she could dehydrate very quickly.At her age, that is serious. I am a former pediatric nurse.

Call her pediatrician for advice. When my son has a fever, his doctor usually recommends that we let him have it unless it is bothering him. Children can withstand higher temperatures than adults can when it comes to fever, and for longer. Your doctor will be able to give you advice that will be based on the latest medical information, whereas what you'll get on Yahoo!Answers will be a bunch of opinions of mothers and various other people, none of whom know your child, and few of whom have a medical background. Good luck.

with a high fever, vomiting, and not drinking much she is going to get dehydrated quickly. Motrin should not be taken on an empty stomach as it irritates the stomach and can cause vomiting. Why risk anything? Take her to the ER tonight

did the motrin make her worse? maybe you accidenly gave her to muchh. Read the boxy thingy

Kat J
You should take her to the er now. That is way too long to go with a fever. Motrin will make you throw up if you have an empty stomach btw.

102.5 for a 2 year old is rather high. I would take her to the ER....

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