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 What current contagious diseases are going around?
I have a slight cough, achy shoulders, arms, upper body. Chest aches all the way through to my back. Very tired and very little energy. No fever or vomiting.
I know it's contagious, as I ...

 is there any over the counter medicine for sinusitis?

 Questions about rabies and bats?
First of all, do bites from rabid animals heal? Second, what temperatures do bats generally live in? Third, do rabid bats change their sleeping habits?...

 Upper Respiratory Infection Sore Throat How Long Contagious... on Antibiotics?
I went to the Dr. today and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection sore throat. I was given a shot of antibiotics and also a prescription for more antibiotics and a decongestant. Is it ...

 How does the HIV antibody test work?

 When aren't you contagious anymore when you have mono?

 how long does it take for a bladder infection to spread?
i've been hurting for about 2-3 weeks now!...

 if sinus, infection make you ddizzy by inner ear infection, ----- how doe's this happen?

 This "New flu", what are your symptoms if you are sick with it?
Currently, my entire family is ill. We have gone through about one month of various symptoms. I'd have to say that of all the illness's I've experienced in my life, this is THE worst ...

 Is there any cure for chronic hepatitis B? Interferon, ribavirin - how effective they really are?

 How long does it take for the flu shot to become effective in our body?

 My cousin has lupus and got bit by a black widow, so they have her on antibiotics but it's making her worse
Does anyone on know of a all natural medication to take for an infection? it seems like her body has an alergic reaction to all the medicene's they put her on....


 Is fainting or nearly fainting a symptom of the flu or is it something else?(more information)?
ok sorry for posting twice i just wanted to add some info. This happened a few days ago and im still not sure what happened. ok so i woke up aroung 11:00 am and felf mostly fine. Around noon i ...

 what is risk someone can get from ISOTRETINOIN?

 Can Mono come back once you're over it?

 does Salmonella show in ur blood?

 Is Hep B vaccine FDA-approved for infants?
I read someplace that it wasn't, even though it's routinely given to newborns, but now I can't find the web site again....

 I'm always getting sick. Do I have a weak immune system?
I always get sick:

I have asthma, but I always got other stuff going on:
sinus infection
allergic conjunctivitis
Stomach Flu

what can I do to boost my ...

 do ulcers cause bleeding in the rectum?

what can i buy that is the closest thing to antibiotics?
or can you buy antibiotics over the counter?

Donna M
Antibiotics are prescription only. As for alternatives, it depends on what your problem is as to which alternative you'd use.

You need a physicians prescriptions for antibiotics.

Get some bread, and grow your own.

Yes, in Mexico

Doc. justasinner111
Any Farm supply has Amimal grade. I use it cause having Veterans healthcare is like having nothing. I have to treat myself.

You can't get them over the counter in the US. There is nothing that is even close to antibiotics.
The reason that they aren't sold over the counter is that they can potentially be dangerous if used in the wrong manner.

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