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 I had a laser eye surgery 2 years ago(PRK).Now I do some sports like Volleyball and Ping pong,?
Is it bad and harmful to do them for my eyes?Because there are many jumps and movement in both of them....

 terrible nerve pain 3 disc out in neck going through throat to operate will this relive nerve pain?

 can bright lights at night black out your vision and if so what can be done about it if any?

 should my freind worry about rebreaking her ankle wearing heels,when she still has swelling in it?
she has all types of metal in there now and doesn't think she can break the same ankle again because of it.....are there any other women with experience in a broken ...

 What does it mean when a pulled muscle forms a lump?
Lump in the area of ureter. No hernia. Had CT scan, ultrasound, and blood work to rule out anything else. Dr. said it's a pulled muscle. Hurts more when sitting down for a period of time. Had ...

 Can scar tissue be removed from a hamstring attachment through massage?

 Can an infection cause a lump after it seems to have healed?
A wild great horned owl embedded his talons in my hand about 3 weeks ago. (I was conducting a blood-draw for research purposes and he decided he wasn't in the mood for science.) I went to the ...

 What month does Framers Almanac say is the best time to have surgery on ones foot?

 Displaced patella, surgery or physiotherapy?
My son did the above, it is supported and he is waiting for surgery. 13 years old and plays rugby. Conflicting advice sugest either....

 [Medical Porblem] Is it a sist?
There's a good sized bump/ball on my knee. its on the outside of my right knee though. When you run your fingers over it. it is a small hard ball. And it moves around. However it is also ...

 Just sprained my finger 120 degrees today in wrestling and...?
Just sprained my finger 120 degrees today in wrestling and i was wondering how could i make it heal faster and how does the human heal sprains.

Thanks yall....

 Toes are stuck?
I was play with my manicuring scissors tonight and slide the handle parts with the holes on both my big toes. Now the scissors wouldn't come off my big toes. I have been trying to get them to ...

 Cylops lesion after ACL surgery?
Does anyone have any experience with a cyclops lesion after an ACL reconstruction? If removed, what is the recovery like?...

 I jumped and hit my head on a doorway, there is a small red bump....should I be worried?
There is a small red bump, I feel fine, it hurts a little were I hit it, I have heard stories about people who have fallen and hit there head, and have had no signs of injuring but have died from ...

 best way to break wrist?
what is the best way to break your wrist. this is for a project, not for me to do to my self. trust i am not physico!!...

 what are the 5 different stages of knee rehabilitation?
i need 5 stages please....

 Will a rotater cuff injury require surgery?

 My ankle hurts everytime that i run! what is up with it? its been happing for three years!!?
i sprained it 3 years ago and was on crutches for 3 months... then i sprained it a year ago and crutches for a month and i went to physical theapry and now i have shoe implancts but it just doesnt ...

 Can vision therapy align ur eyes better because i recently had an incident that my right eye has turned in bec
i heard it crack and then i was like wow i never heard/felt it crack that hard..i think i was looking randomly down leftward and thats what made them crack..so, i just slept and thought whatever..its ...

 Black eye!!!!?
i juts got a black eye at wrestling practice and its anoying. does anyone have any little tricks or tips to making it go away faster or making it less noticible(no eyepatches =])...

Does anyone know why The bruises on my shins wont go away?
Ive had them for pretty much as long as i can remember. My diet is pretty good.
I'm 17 and everywhere elsoe on my body the bruises come and go normally.
Any ideas?

It could be a rain of things, but if the bruising is directly below the knee - with prominent swelling and pain it could be a disease known as Osgood schlaters. It is a growth plate disease (nothing serious just hurts) that causes swelling on the proximal tibia near the knee joint.

Id go see a doctor about that. How long have you had them?

wedgewood s
i have bruises on my shins, but they go away so you should probably go see a docter

Might be from the years from crawling around.The best way you could get rid of them is get Coco butter and use it twice a day and they might not go away but it will lighten them.Good Luck!

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