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 i have cold sores in my lip evertime i got new every week . i put abreva is not help me what shoud i do?

 Finger injury, What should i Do?
i was skateboarding today. i fell and i tried to catch my self with both my hands. my thumb was under my hand when i tried to catch my self. directly after that my thumb "fell asleep". ...

 why do i feel the urge to cut my wrists?
the first time i did it, was because that was the only way for me to let out all the pain. but not i just want to keep on doing it and doing it. but i want to stop no i am not emo. ehw i dont feel ...

 Could I have pulled my shoulder?
Last night I was in my room but tripped on my bookcase. When I fell I extended my arm. I heard something that was like a popping noise. I couldn't move it for around 30 seconds but when I did I ...

 What is this bump on my foot?
I have had a bump on my foot for a couple months. I didnt think it was anything serious so I didnt tell anyone. But there is a HUGE bump on the left side of my left foot. It hurts when it bumps into ...

 Long middle toe and short little toes?
So my toes are suuper wierd. My big toe and second toes are the same length, But the other 3 toes are tiny and i hate the way it looks. It just makes my second toe look even longer and i really hate ...

 My teen girl 15 y/o has thrombosis Help?
She is on the High school swim team. The area is just below her left knee and extends about 6-8 inches down the inside front of her leg.It is not red,infected or very swollen. How serious is this? T...

 Have i broken my ankle?
I sprained my ankle on friday night, i went to the hospital on the same night and they told me it was just a bad sprain. They have read the x-rays wrong for me before, and i cannot stand on my tip ...

 Please help me with my finger problem?
ok i fell on the ground and hit my finger and after 2 weeks it still hurts its not infected but i have to play with my band in a week and i play bass so i need to know how to heal my finger fast ...

 what bone did you break recently?
leg, arm, toe, fingers? what's the worst part about dealing with it? "wrist, the worst part was i had to learn to write and do alot of other things with my opposite hand" lol, like ...

 I've had this pain in my knuckle and it's super annoying?
I've had it for 3 days know. It's not swollen or discolored, but it is kind of tender. It's the first finger knuckle on my right hand. It hurts when I move my finger or grab something. ...

 I Broke my bone, Safe for Six FLAGS?
So i broke my elbow bone about 4-5 weeks ago i had surgery in it, its still in a splint and when im out i have to wear a sling, im wondering if there are any rides for me to go on OR if its safer for ...

 My daughter is 10 and 2 weeks ago fell onto some wood only grazing her shin?
But it's still very swollen I'm sure the swelling should have gone down by now is this normal? Thank you for all your answers, she only has a surface wound and that is very clean the ...

 ive had a sharp pain in my tailbone for 5 years now, and i cant figure out what is causing it.?
Ive gone to the doctors several times, gotten several x-rays and was told nothing was wrong that they could see, and to get an MRI if i wanted to, just in case it was something really small. (i never ...

 i slammed my pinky about a month ago and now the bottom of my nail is peeling? is my nail going to fall off?
and will it grow back weird looking? please help!!! ]:...

 Should I go to school with a sprained ankle?
I sprained my ankle walking down the stairs. I walk really awkwardly now. I also have two major tests tommorow but I missed the tutorials at school today bc of my ankle. And so I really don't ...

 When I wake up in the morning and stretch in bed my calf hurts.?
When I wake up I stretch out (as do many people), but it seams when i stretch out my calf muscle (I extend my legs) my calf seems to pop out of place, becomes unbelievably rigid and hard, and the ...

 Pulled muscle in back what do i do?

 i fell down and went boom?
today on my dads (700 v twin) I did a little wheelie and trying not to hurt the bike I pushed my self off of it landing on my back.. it hurts very bad.. I dont know what to do.. it hurts on my ...

 i was licking a rock and my tounge fell off what should i do?

Jenna Gallibois
How Long Does It Take Stiches To Heal .?
i rencently accidently cut my hand with a kitchen knife , and my cut was pretty deep and bad. and its been 3 1/2 weeks since i had the stiches , they are sapose to desolve , but they didnt . should i go back to the hospital?

I had 5 stitches awhile ago...as far as I can remember it took 3 weeks for the skin to grow a consistent scab without tearing. After the 3 weeks the stitches came out and the scab slowly went away. Depending on the severity of the injury it could take upwards of that. Just keep and eye on it and make sure to use plenty of anti-bacterial ointment and keep it covered from water. The ointment will keep the skin and scabbing moist so there will be less of a chance of tearing the scab and stitches. Good luck with the healing process.

~just me~
i had cut the tip of my finger really bad at work with a blade. received about seven stitches and kept it wrapped with tons of neosporin and it took about three weeks to heal. but i had to go back to doc to get stitches out. call your doc and let him know , he might just take them out or tell you to wait and it will happen soon.

If your cut was sewed with a non-absorbable suture, the stitches should be removed in 7 days. Absorbable sutures are not removed, and are left to just dissolve. These sutures are used inside the body so that the surgeon does not have to open you up again just to remove the stitches. You should go back to the hospital to have your stitches removed.

Joe C
dissolvable stitches generally take 6 to 8 weeks to dissolve. unless you have a fever, you are fine. sometimes they take longer than that to dissolve.

Justin Morales
wait for a month or 2 to heal and to look like normal again

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