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 Should I walk on it or am I risking reinjury?
Hi! I sprained my ankle and I five days ago and I couldn't walk on it! I was told I only had a lot of swollen tissue and that they didn't think I tore anything at all! I have school and ...

 my md told me I have coronal plane collapse what is it i looked on internet cant find it?

 Back Trouble?
I have a herniated disc, and a pinch nerve in my upper back, due to a work injury. Dr.s are saying it can't be fixed.So I got me a lawyer..Workman Comp will not help me since i got a lawyer.No ...

 I have a muscle spasm where my back meets my neck....How do I get it to relax?
I have gotten this before. I get small ones in the same general area, but lower down, and they are easier to deal with. In this spot though, as I have found out from previous spasms, it is ...

 Can doctors tell if you sprained your ankle?
if so how can they ...

 Can a pregnancy cause a woman groin to have pain or something has to trigger it such as lifting something heav
I was six months pregnant and I picked up on this dead weight person that had a disability where she couldn't do nothing for herself. She needed my help so I helped her out of a high chair onto ...

 i have nerve damage?
im always in pain i cry all the time my mom is tired from taking care of me im tired of crying no one understands what im going through and i wish they did i cant move my right rist..how long untill ...

 What does it feel like to crack or fracture a rib? Especially on the back side?
i dont have any pain when i press on my rib cage but feel mild pain when i breath and bend over. possible rib fracture? Any experiences?...

 topical scar treatment?
ne1 no of a good product to treat bodily scars?

 I have had 2 knee replacements at age 51 worn from working construction,the problem is that they still hurt.?
They hurt all the time.I am on pain meds.but cant go the rest of my life this way.I had my first replacement 3/13/02 the next 4/1/03 are there anyone out there with my problem.I have a doctor app 11/1...

 Forehead lump?
I have a lump on my forehead that happened in a soccer colision from a few years ago. Any doctors in the house that can give me some info on the lump and any possible methods in bringing it down? It ...

 What is the best exercise to strengthen shoulder ligaments?
I had shoulder surgery a few years ago to prevent my shoulder from dislocating and I just want to continue to strengthen it and tighetn the interior muscles and ligaments. What sort of physical ...

 hubby had back surgery incision looks ok but there is still swelling around it?
anyone know if this is normal? or what to do? were calling doctor monday im just worried now!...

 Help on an elbow injury?
I was messing around with my little sister today on our front porch and knocked my elbow into the brick wall. It hurt SO SO bad. It instantly made my arm and hand go numb and tingly and my eyes to ...

 Whiplash, how to cope with it?
Hi, first I must thank you for taking the time to read my question! thanks!
I was in a car accident on January 14, 2006, and I am still in chronic pain all the time. I've been going to ...

 does popping your knuckles hurt you in the long run??

 Is it normal for a wrist to keep hurting after removing a cast for a week?
I removed my cast a week ago from a broken wrist and my wrist still hurts whenever i bend it to the maximum. But the pain is not in the bone, it feels like its in the ligaments, is this normal? and ...

 complete torn ACL?
are you ever able to walk again and how long does it usually ...

 Torn Cartilage?
I have a torn cartilage that needs surgery. I had the surgery set up and 1 week prior to the surgery I lost my job and the insurance. Can a torn cartilage heal on its own? What will happen if I ...

 Broken Bone?
I broke a bone, it is on the side of my hand about a month ago. The doctor decided to put my whole hand in a splint. Today i got the splint taken off, and he showed me an X-Ray and i saw that the ...

Maureen H
If blood is coming from the ear and no pain?
Went swimming diving in 25ft of water - when woke up at night I had blood coming from the ear. The doctor without looking at my ear said I had a perforated eardrum ( this was an island doctor) he did not see me I told him about the ear on the phone. He prescribed antibiotics for me.I am in no pain.

Ok, so?

Popped ear drum, happened to me too. I didn't even take antibiotics, healed its self

Karrien Sim Peters
That sounds right. Although my ears bleed when i listen to Tool.

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