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 I sprained my kneed and want to go to school but it HURTS should I go to School,If so what do I need to do?
Well at a basketball game I was playing in a girl fell on me and it somehow sprained my knee (she fell there) should I go to school??? If so should I get a knee brace and use crutches PLEASE reply ASA...

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 How do you treat swollen knuckles?
The day before I climbing up a ladder then i feel and it landed on my right knuckesl really hard.. now its all swollen and squishy.. only the middle and ring knuckles are swollen. it extends from the ...

 who do you go to when someone got hurt in the hospital and it was the hospitals fault?

 My knee hurts when I go up and down stairs.?
When I go up and down stairs, there is like this pain on the inside of my knee, about middle ways down. It does not hurt when i walk, only when i am putting a lot of pressure on it. I am very ...

 Should i be walking on a broken foot?
I broke my foot about 6 weeks ago. I went back to the hospital last week and said it still hurt a bit so they put a new cast on it. I can stand on it and walk on it a bit, but not sure if i should be?...

 Can Drs see what drugs youve had perscribed in the past?
I was wondering if Drs can tell what you have been perscribed in the past from other doctors.I heard that they cant because thats agains Dr-patient confidentiality.But i also heard they can because ...

 Hearing a crunching noise in my painful knee?
About a month ago I went skiing and ever since then my left knee has been hurting in certain positions, like if I put all of my weight on it with my knees bent, or if I hit it a certain way. I also ...

 If you break your ankle, can u still walk on it ?
I hurt my ankle and I have hurt my ankles before but this time it's extremely painful, it's not usual!!!...

 Do I need to see a doctor?
I'm a cutter and my wrist is stiff and it hurts to move it. whenever I do, it feels like the knife is still going in, but it's dull and rusty. The area around the cuts are red and hot and ...

 i sprained my ankle really bad?
i had an x ray and showed no broken bones .It has been 2 weeks and the swelling has mostly subsided, but i am experiencing severe pain mostly at night when sleeping in bed. Could it be a fracture or ...

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 I think i broke my wrist! Please help..?!?
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 I cut my knee shaving. Is it okay for me to go swimming tomorrow?
I have a lesson tomorrow. I know that swimming pools are very unclean. Will i get an infection? It's about 3x3 cm and about half a cm deep. I only cut it today, so it will still be fresh ...

 What cause numbness in the hands and feet when I wake up?

 What does it cost for an ambulance ride?

 Okay, I am very scared..I either twisted or sprained my ankle..?
I was showing off in front of little kids, (Well it isn't really showing off) i just wanted to show how i can touch a basketball net...So i ran jumped and hit net, Swung, And then hit the pole, W...

 thumb injury help !!?
About 4 weeks ago I injured my thumbplaying basketball (jamed it) and had really bad pain. About a week later it still hurt so i went to a walk in clinic (not specialized in that field) and he took x-...

 How to sprain your ankle?

impossible is nothing -cfc♥
It feels like my leg is bruised really badly but there is no bruise visable..? What's going on?

Chris W
You have AIDS.

Courtney V
could be fibromylgia. this is when the skin feels bruised and aches, but there is no visiblse signs. try talkin to a doctor

a contusion( bruise) happens when a part of the body is struck and the muscle fibers and connective tissue underneath are crushed but the skin doesn't break. When this occurs, blood from the ruptured capillaries near the skin's surface escapes by leaking out under the skin. With no place to go, the blood gets trapped, forming a red or purplish mark that's tender when you touch it - a bruise. So what you feel is just pain, but your capillaries didnt rupture, so no bruise :)

it would be better you have a xray or mri scan... Do it as soon as possible otherwise it will pain for whole life.. Okk take care Bye

micky mouse
bone bruise. you cant see them but they hurt

it means you have the AIDS

Miss Kate Mascherano.
You need to get ur leg amputated amie!!!!!!!!! :L

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