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 Do I have an injured MCL?
I have been training very hard lately (running, swimming, lifting, etc.) and, about three weeks ago, I experienced a slipping sensation on the inside of my left knee when stretching my thigh. It ...

 Help!!! I was cleaning my ear with a q tip and the cotton fell in it and got lodged?
How do I get it out?...

 Did i sleep wrong? my head hurts did i like crush a nerve?
Did i sleep wrong? my head hurts did i like crush a nerve?
I was sleeping in bed mtoday in the morning..and I must have moved the wrong way or turned my head too quickly.....how long will it ...

 Had a cut on my foot a week ago, now it hurts and is leaking fluids...?
I was at band practice and my drummers cymbal fell on my big toe. Cut the toe nail in half and blood went everywhere. So I cleaned it, covered it and went on my merry way.

Well this was ...

 i broke my nose awhile back.. about 3 months ago. can i rebreak it so its straight again?

 Anybody have any experience with whiplash?
I DON'T need you to diagnose me. I just would like some advice.

10 days ago I was injured when a Banana Boat in Fiji flipped over, tossing me and everyone else on the ride into the ...

 does scoliosis make you walk funny or weird?
ok i have scoliosis and everyone says i walk funny is it cause scoliosis or what?...

 will i need surgery on my foot?
Ok so i broke my foot 3 weeks ago playing bball. And i didnt realize because i just thought i rolled my ankle like usual. And i have been going to conditioning and practice these last 3 weeks. I went ...

 i smashed my finger in the door, i put it in a splint on and it still hurts to bend, and its numb.?

I'm 16 and I've had achilles tendonitis for a year now. I've had to rest, wear a boot, and I've been in physical therapy since May. I used to play sports yr round but i took off ...

 What are some everyday tasks that would be hard to do without limbs?

 I cut myself. I don't know what to do.?
Well there are alot of things that go on at home. i constantly get made fun of because im not the skinniest girl out there. I hate myself and the way i look. And im always wishing i was someone else. ...

 Left side of noes really hurts and feels like a constant nose bleed?
today I was in gym class and we were told to run as fast as you could for 15 minutes. So I completed it but the left side of my noes for some reason felt like a really strong tingly sensation but I ...

 Sprained Wrist Treatment?
Hi, I sprained my wrist a week ago, and it really doesn't hurt much anymore unless I put my weight on it. I ice it, wrap it, and elevate it but, I'm going snowboarding next weekend and I ...

 I twisted my knee, and now it clicks every time I step.....is it dislocated?
How do I get it back to normal?...

 It hurts when i go to the toilet?
This sounds a little gross, but every time i go to pee it hurts/aches.The pain reaches all the way up to my bladder and its really uncomfortable. Then only a little bit of urine comes out, when my ...

 Could i be anemic been feeling really rough for 6-7 wks, dizzy to the point i cant walk down the rd ?
I have just been to my gp he has put me on folic acid as my vitamin b is low ? What is this and could this be making feel so low, rough, very dizzy and sometimes slow ?...

 what is lumbar laminectomy and what simtops does it contain?

 Random head throbbing during Pushups?
So I'm a senior in Highschool and we had a pushup test today. I was on 38 and not tired at all, and easily could have hit 50+, but something odd happened. All of a sudden in about 2 seconds, ...

 What is a good way to get hand flexibility back after injury?
I got a brawlers fracture the other day (I accidentally crushed my pinkey knuckle), and my hand still hurts really bad whenever I move my pinkey. The swelling is down, but I was told it would take a ...

When a body part is injured, it should be?
A. exercised. C. rested.
B. stressed. D. stretched.

all so similar...i say C or D?

exercise depends on the level
rested should never be done..the part will swell & get stiff from the inflammation process
stressed will only add to the injury..this also includes the above two answers as being a form of stress
stretches depends on the injury itself, & the level of stretch

so, frankly NONE of the answers answer the qeustion..
when a body part is injured (like a boo-boo), the part should be moved, cold compresses applied, elevation if gravitational affects will harm it further, & decreased demand (but not rest)..

so, if I were you & were asked this question on a test..I would refer back to my notes, or books & see where in the info provided, the resource was telling you what answer fits..in the real world, none do...good luck!! & btw, I do this stuff for a living...injured body parts, I mean..I'm DONE with the test taking....

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