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 What is this fluid like substance in my knee?
I broke my leg and ankle in a car accident 5 years ago and I've had no feeling in the inner part of my knee with swelling and slight discoloration as well as cold to the touch. I've talked ...

 i sprained my ankle and want crutches?
i sprained my ankle at my friend's party and i want crutches. i went to the hospital today and i'm going back tomorrow as well, so what do i say to get crutches? is there some kind of ...

 Bruise on my forearm?
So I have this bruise on my forearm. It is not painful. It is basically just a dark spot on my forearm that looks like the discoloration you'd get from a bruise. I have not been hurt there ...

 Is it possible to rip someones eye(s) out? If so, how hard would it be?
Im not a phycopath, im just wondering if you can actually do it, you know just incase your attacked it would be pretty cool to just go ahead and pull their eyes out =] (again not crazy)...

 i broke my ankle 2 weeks ago and the swelling went down but there is still weird discoloration, why is that?
mens health ankle broken ...

 i was playing with fire crackers and the blwo tourches with axe cans and i bruned my hand reallly baddlyy!?
i can see bone and its blackish from the fire. what should i do? huge whole hal;f way in my hand hurts so bad!!! im screewming while typijg this ahahha if you people think im lying im not. why the ...

 How to help punctured skin(stepped on glass) heal faster?
Yesterday in my garage i steeped on a broken glass bottle and a piece of it went(it was pretty big) in my leg. So i pulled it out right away. Now ever time i step it hurts really bad, its on the back ...

 what shall i do cause my arm hurts and it really hurts HELP!!?
errm my brother jumped on my arm n this id my daad kindly writing this for me hanks shall i put ice on it soo not as much swelling or put a bandage help it really hurts i might have broken it thank u ...

 I Cut Myself I Think it may scar help!?
I cut a upside down cross on my arm, and now i think it is going to scar, what can i do to make sure that doesnt happen, i didnt cut deep it barely bleed less den a drop all together but size and ...

 I have a dent in my head from car crash...?
I had a rather bad car crash. My head hit my seat and i went hospital. They didnt even check it proper. But i noticed today there is a dent there. Like it goes in then out at the back of my head. W...

 Which doctor does surgery on the spine for herniated disc?
I have moderate central disc protrusion at C3-4 causing mass effect on the anterior cord, small left para-central disc protrusion at C4-5. At the Thoracic level there is disc herniation at T2-3, T4-5,...

 Whats up with my ankle?!?
ok so like last friday i hurt my leg playing dodgeball in gym and it popped and it REALLY hurt!!! Now it has a bluish-green bruise and its swelling!!! Now its monday and its still swollen and has a ...

 Hi, I broke my ankle on Sept 6th, I had surgury on the Sept 10th and 2 weeks later they took the cast off?
They took the cast off and put me in a black boot that I can remove myself(which I dont like to remove) When I first did this they said I cant walk for 6 weeks so now im afraid to try. Im not sure if ...

 Is my finger jammed or broken? (more info to last question)?
Can anyone tell me if my finger is broken or jammed? It's bruised and very difficult to move, but I'm not sure if it's broken. heres a vid of my finger. plz help :) p.s. it's my ...

 I got a high ankle sprain 4 weeks ago but just found out i have it...?
I am going to go to the doctor either later today or tomorrow. How long do you think I will be out and will it be casted like high ankle sprains are at the beginning or will I just get a boot? T...

 Little kid got his feet injured!!? HELP?
My 4 years old brother got his feet stuck under the door when I opened it. It happened about 4-5 days ago. On the 3rd day, there was some yellowish liquid in his feet fingers (I don't know how ...

 Level 3 Ankle Sprain Help!!!!!!!!!?
i was playing soccer and sprained my ankle, it got swollen basically around the whole ankle, and i cant put any pressure on it at all, i was just wondering if i should go to the doctor or just do the ...

 i got bad headaches after getting hit in the head and thrown into metal fence?
im dizzy everytime i stand up my vision goes blurry like im blacking out dont feel sick atm but have felt like im going to be sick got real bad headaches what should i do how long will stay be in ...

 What is this bump on my forehead and how do i make it go away?.?
Woke up the other morning and noticed there was a slight lump/swelling (not noticable to the eye, but i noticed it because it is my forehead which i see every day) in the center of my forehead. It is ...

 how to fix broken foot?

Why does my knee hurt when I go down stairs?
General/causes: So I have been having problems with my knee, it's been going on/off with this problem. Usually the problem arises again after someone jumps on my back or I twist my leg slightly on accident. Original symptoms It started about two months ago after I hopped off of something small (had been hopping off of a few things that day, and forced to give some piggy back rides too) When my knee would bother me, I would have to go down one stair at a time so my knee wouldn't bend, but going up stairs was no problem at all. If I tried to walk down the stairs normally my would have a severe pain in my knee, felt more like below my knee (not behind). Also, when this would happen the inside lower section of my knee cap would be extremely sensitive to any pressure. Current symptom Now my knee has been giving me problems for over a week, after my brother jumped on my back for a 15 second piggy back ride, though it has not been as severe as before. I can walk up and down stairs with only a slight pain. but at the same time moving something as simple as my blanket at night with my leg will hurt some. Extra info and extra question I'm a 20 year old, 110-120 pound male. I decided to look up a little about the knee and I'm wondering if I could have torn part of my ACL. And I will be seeing a doctor at the end of October and will ask for his opinion too.

could be patella tendonitis, i had this wheni was around 16 when i would wqalk down stairs i would completely collapse they have patella knee bands you can use they take away some of the work that your patellla tendon does or go see a doctor

Douglas B
That sounds like the tendon for your kneecap has recoiled after some of that horse play. to get it to release back to it's normal length do this: Sit on a chair with your leg extended out in front of you almost all the way. Take your hands and wrap them around your leg for more leverage for this part. Place both thumbs in the top middle and about 2 inches behind the knee. Press down on the top of your leg hard and hold. Relax now, take a deep breath and exhale and don't tense up any part of your body. After 30 seconds, slowly slide that foot backwards until it is completely under the chair as far as it will go. Then remove the pressure but hold your leg there for one minute longer.

You have a torn cartilage, do not add weight to your back or stand on your toes or pivot on your toes such as diving, this will only make it hurt worse. There is nothing you can do for a tear except keep off it for a while.

Maybe u've been on ur knees 2 LONGGGGGG....playing wit some guys thang!!!!!

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