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 I have swelling on my finger can i cut it so i can bleed it out?
well i had an incident on my middle finger and now it is extremely swollen can i get a needle ad like bleed it out?...

 Is there a way to diagnose a meniscal tear without an mri?
I have some sort of knee injury and cannot have an MRI do to Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant that I have. My knee began hurting seven months ago after I started working out with a personal trainer. I...

 I got hit in my rib cage, it hurts and there's pain what should I do?
I got hit in my rib cage, it hurts and there's pain what should I do? I got hit today and it was the right side of my rib cage, now it hurts and there's pain when i breath or try to move. ...

 i think i tore my acl? please help 10 points?
well ive had tons of xrays, mri, and a bone scan. i go to an orthopedic surgeon. i have had quite a few things wrong, but for right now its a kneecap tracking problem. he didnt even give me a brace. ...

 blue/discoloured toes?
ruptured my achilles tendon, had surgery to repair it a month ago, cast/pot has come off a week ago, yet when i stand on my good leg for more than five minutes my toes go blue and discolour, why is ...

 How long does it take to recover from fainting twice?
I fainted twice from trying to put in lip rings, but i did it wrong. its been 2 mounths since i had them and i finaly got the nearves to change them so i did but on my secound one i got to nerves i ...

 broken finger??????????????????
i am almost positive my pinky finger is broken. it is very blue swollen and crooked. my mom wont take me to the doctor and it hurts to keep it straitght or bend it. and it hurts to type. ouch. anyway....

 why cant i even walk on my crutches?
so a glass clock fell on my foot and gave me a kinda deep cut i went to the ER they gave me 7 stitches, now im on crutches but every time i try to get on them the blood goes down to my foot and ...

 i hit my small toe very bad and its swollen?
I hit my small toe about 3 weeks ago and the swelling wont go away. All the bruising is gone but its still swollen. I started working on Sunday and cant wear open toe shoes, so I wear tennis shoes ...

 i have a question about crutches? ?
i hurt my knee, the doctor said walk on it when necessary and don't dp any sports or walk more then needed. he never said if i needed crutches? i have two days off from school and im going out ...

 How to get shoulder to not hurt?
Less then a year ago I had 2 shoulder surgeries on my shoulder. The first surgery was to fix a tear and the second was to remove scar tissue because my body was making its own blood system and ...

 my brother bumped his nose and he thinks its broken. what do i do?
im home alone with my 8 year old brother who slimped and bumped his nose on the chair. it started bleeding and i applied ice with pressure. trhe bleeding has now stopped but his nose has swollen ...

 arghhhhh don't know wether i've broken my wrist, help?!?
a few days ago i got drunk and fell over onto my arms, now my wrist is hurting and i cant lean on it to get up without being in pain, i can move my wrist without it hurting but im still worried, a ...

 I fell off my bike. Should I see a doctor?
I got road rash on my left cheek and chin and skinned my left knee it is a white-ish beige color. I also think i sprained my wrist. It hurts when I move it and it is slightly swollen. My dad put me ...

 any doctor could answer?
most of the times after exercising for about 20 minutes i got headaches specially at the back of my head. is it something dangerous. and it took more than an hour to rest and to make the headache ...

 i got hit by a car!? help..?
i got hit by a car 2 days ago but i didn't go hospital or anything.. i didn't feel any pain at the time, i just got knocked down -got up and walked off as if everything as normal.. but now ...

 Bruised ribs and blood in urine?
Yesterday, I was slammed in the upper right rib cage (just under my right breast) by a large tree limb. The immediate pain was the most intense I've ever felt. My boss took me to the hospital ...

 Can you COMPLETELY snap your spinal cord and live?
My friend and I were having an argument, Can you COMPLETELY snap your spinal cord and live? I told him that you would die, but he says you can live....

 How long are you in the hospital after you get stabbed in the leg?
My friend got stabbed in the leg by a 5 inch knife and I want to know how long they might be in the ...

 Can you answer a medical question?
For the past three days I have noticed a mark on my shin area of the leg. It is a cross between a bruise and an abrasion~like purple spots all grouped closely together~ its painful and there's ...

i have a second degree burn but it doesnt hurt at all?
i dont think it is a third degree tho. it doesnt even hurt a bit My friend who is a pediatrician said its a second degree burn and it started hurting when i put ointment on it and when i woke up thanks for all your answers anyway. the burn is smaller than a a dime btw

If it doesn't hurt at all that isn't a second degree burn, that's a third degree burn, also called a full-thickness burn. This means you've burned through all the layers of your skin, including the subcutaneous nerves..which would be why it doesn't hurt. Go to the hospital asap..like now, because you are at risk of infection and dehydration. If it's a large area of your body (estimated more than 10% of your skin), or on your hands or face, it could be critical. Get yourself to a hospital to get checked out.

mr fugi
If it looks and feels bad, go to the hospital immediately

get to a hospital! that means you really damaged something! :O

that's probably not good, it means you might have destroyed the nerves. i would strongly suggest going to the hospital.

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