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 Why do some people have two different coloured eyes?
is it something they are born with?? or is it something that just happened?? why does it change??...

 What does my eye perscription mean?
OD -2.25 -0.50x 180
OS -2.25 -0.50x 180...

 Can you go blind if you lose too much vision?

 floating things in eyes?
umm you ever know those weird little irregular shaped floating objects that zoom to the bottom of your sight when you see them? I dont know its just kinda weird so could someone clarify that for me? ...

 How do I get contacts out of my eye it is stuck **HELP**?
Do i need surgery?
Will I be blind if rushed to er room?
Will I lose my sight?
Will I break something in my eyes?
whaat do I do?

pLEASE help tell me what to do?...

 Can a contact get stuck in your eye or inside the eyeball?
accidentally slept with a contact lens on overnight. When I woke up, it was in my eye for almost 24 hrs, should have taken it out 12 hrs ago. It was a bit attached to surface of eyes, rinsed and ...

 do contact cases expire?

 Anyone else get eyelashes in their eyes EVERY day?
I have no clue why this happens....but EVERY day and sometimes twice a day, I get eyelashes that fall into my eyes. I doubt that there is anything that can be done, but it is awfully irritating! I ...

 Difference between Acuvue brands?
My doctor switched my contacts from
Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism to Acueve Advance Toric for Astigatism.

They're both for astigmatism, so which is better and why?


 Is this just regular common computer eyestrain?
Okay this just happen a few minutes ago, I had this happen before a long while back, I would be reading something on the computer, and me I'm the type that wont blink all the time, I just stare ...

 I now have tinnitus and eye problems?
When I get up in the morning and it is very very bright out side I'm seeing dancing stars/ sparkly dots.This is called Visual Snow.

I'm farsighted in one eye and nearsighted in ...

 Is the brand named 'acme'any good for contact lenses?
I have cylindrical power and so I need toric contact lenses. I know Bausch and Lomb toric lens aare the best but they are simply too much for me to afford as they are disposable lenses. So in ...

 there are clear floating worm like things in my eye what are they?
they are clear and have circles in them. they appear mostly when i look down and they float in and out of sight....

 Can i wear my glasses all day?
My prescription is:

R: SPH= +0.75 CYL= -0.25 AXIS= 114
L: SPH= +0.75 CYL= -0.50 AXIS= 92

Can I wear my glasses all day?...

 Any other way to put in contacts?
I really want to get contacts and I'm not sure what to do because I went to the eye doctor and got my check-up and everything and while they were teaching me how to put them in, I wasn't ...

 Why does everything look smaller when i wear my glasses?
I've recently started wearing glasses, and when i put them on I can see things much clearer, only everthing looks smaller, and things that are close by look further away. I keep tripping up ...

 Can you see better in the dark when your eyes are dialated ?
I was just wondering because your really sensitive to ...

 How can I stop my eyes from squinting when I smile?
Okay, so its weird. When I smile in the mirror I think its fine, but in pictures I look Chinese. Its not that I have a bad smile...but just when my eyes squint I look weird! I really want to just ...

 My eyes hurt. Is it from...?
Two days ago I wasn't feeling well, so I watched shows on the computer for about 5-6 hours. Now everytime I move my eyes they hurt. Is there any way I can fix this?...

 glaucoma laser surgery ?
i have glaucoma, i was wandering if the laser surgery is safe the (SLT) on
and have you had that surgery before ? would you recommend it ?...

Lindsey Martin
Why do my eyes shake?
So when I sit and read for long periods of time, my eyes shake randomly. It only last for less then a second but it happens almost everytime I read. I know I have 20/20 vision, and the print can sometimes get really small. What's happening????

Lavell Wofford
Have you wet to the eye dorker

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