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 Why did the doctor check my blood pressure? Is it routine?
I went there to check for a bladder infection and during I happened to mention i had had a cold/flu symptoms for a week or so, but they'd gone. Then she took my blood pressure, is it just a ...

 where can i find the cheapest adipex or phentermine online?

 Trying to avoid secondhand smoke?
its not as easy as "tell them to smoke outside." i live with my mom and stepdad, rent free. i quit smoking about 6 months ago, and my step dad smokes like a chimney. its disgusting because ...

 why do I get sick once a month?
I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables at least 50% of my diet is vegetables and fruit and I have been eating a lot of raw vegan foods but I have been getting sick once a month for the past 6 months. ...

 What are ways to slightly increase your height?
I'm a 17 year-old male, and I'm about 5'5 1/4"

I'm not looking for anything big, just something to bring me to the 5'6" mark. What are some things that I ...

 Could you tell me a good site to watch satellite tv on computer ?
I googled watch tv online and none of my findings helped so can someone help me because I love my Tyra Banks shows....

 Do you think I passed this drug test?
I got arrested by the cops yesterday at 10 AM while i was smoking weed in my car. I got out of the station at around 1, bought the biggest detox (The Liquid Stuff) available at 2, drank it along with ...

 Looking for a 800 reverse lookup service?
I know there a free reverse lookups for land lines, but I really need a free one for a cell phone... anyone know the link to one? THANKS!...

 should I see a doctor if eating makes me tired?
I'm eating just the same as I always have. Some meals are healthier then others, yes. Sometime bigger meals, sometimes smaller meals. But no matter what...I always feel sleepy after I eat. ...

 Donating body to medical science?
My father wants to know about donating his body to medical science. We live near Oxford.
What does he have to do to make sure this wish is realised?...

 I opened my microwave and it was still running, is this dangerous?
I was popping popcorn, and when the popcorn was done it was still a minute left on the timer, but i didn't give that a second glance, because before when i opened the micro when it was still ...

 If i lay down and close my eyes, will I go to sleep? I'm new at this and want to do it right...?
I'm new at sleeping and I want to do it right. Any suggestions on how I should experience my first sleep?
Thanks for your help.
Serious replies only please!...

 Can anyone help with these symptoms?
My 10 year old son randomly/occasionally has the following symptoms:
Feels really hot (as in a hot flash feeling), then his head hurts, then gets a stomachache, then vomits.
He then feels ...

 how to get a flat stomach in 4-5 months? also, when should i expect to see a difference. also on prednisone?
Okay so I am 13 years old, 5"5 and I weigh about 185 pounds ( i know im overweight dont be mean)
anyway, i absolutley hate the way i look. i am on prednisone, which is a corticosteroid, ...

 What medication is there for aniexty?
Growing up i had a fairly severe social disorder, and have had panic attacks all my life. When i was 16/17 i started to come out of it a bit primarily because i was a lot happier. Im now 22 and as ...

 So does sports make you grow taller?? Or is it just genetics?
i've been reading mixed reviews saying sports does make you grow taller while some says it doesn't?? anybody HELP...

 Im sick but i dont know what i have? ?
It came on me suddenly after my birthday, the next morning. On suday, i woke up with like a scratchy throat and my voice was like 10 times deeper and it kinda hurt to swallow. I dont really have a ...

 My Mum Is An Alcoholic HELP!!?
Well im 12 and my mum drinks every night!
I am sick of it and she fights with my 16 year old brother EVERY NIGHT!
I am sick of it.
I am thinking about calling child services, i have 3 ...

 i was a heavy smoker but havent smoked in 32 days,will i pass a drug test?
im 5 8" 175lbs,no body fat very toned,my drug test will be in a week or 2....

 pretending to be sick?
ok ill just cut to the chase i was pretending to be sick from school this is my second day of and my mum is at work all day till 7 so anyway after a day of pretending to be sick and taking calpool i ...

Mikayla Anderson
Why do I always feel weak, shaky, tired and thirsty?
So, im a 14 year old girl and recenlty ive been really tired, and shaky, and thirsty. At the beggining of the month i had no appetite and was always thirsty, we thought it was food poisoning from the airplane food. Now in the past week, ive been really hungry, and thirsty, and eating like crazy! Food literally goes through me. Then at other times I'm not even hungry but still eating. Im also always tired, im off school because of exams and last night i fell asleep at 8 and woke up at 10:30 the next morning. Also my stomach sometimes hurts but not a lot. Lastly im really shaky. Like my legs feel like theyre about to collapse, aswell as my hands and arms. Whattts happening to me!?

high metabolism I guess. go to the doctor.

Dr. Whiskey
well, you're 14 so a lot of the eating is probably due to rapid growth and hormonal changes (ie. you're running fully headlong into puberty, your body is gonna change a lot and fast at this time).

HOWEVER....some of those other issues combined sound a bit like the onset of diabetes. i would suggest you see your doctor and have your blood-sugar, and insulin levels analyzed.

tod m
diabetes causes fatigue. Avoid sugar.
eat meas at regular times

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