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 What are these symptoms of?
-Always felling tired weak unbalance -Headaches almost everyday -Body achs mostly ...

 Is smoking a cigar once in awhile really bad for you?
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 Why do I get sick every year before birthday?
I always get sick a week before my birthday and it happens every year. My parents always tell me that it's happened since i was baby. And I get like high fever, stomach flu, running nose, ...

 Is it normal for a 2yrs. baby?
there a 2yrs. boy in my apartment that eats alot look what he ate today -chips in morning -cup of icy -bag of chips -coca cola -Shasta coke -churos -2 tamels and cry for 2 dollars to buy ...

 How do you feel about organ donating?
I have been considering it for a while, I mean I'm not going to need them once I'm gone. But my partner is really against me doing it and I don't really know why (he doesn't ...

 Can I change the time I take pills at?
I'm a 16 y/o girl. Yesterday I went to the doctor and he said to take one Zyrtec pill a day, at night because of possible drowsiness. Well, last night I took it at 9:00, but when I got up this ...

 best way to clean ears?
my 3 year old son has alot of earwax in his ears. do u have any suggestions as to a great way to clean his ears?...

 Why can't I stop yawning?
I literally yawn all day. Why? What's causing this?...

 What should I do? Im worried?
so my boyfriend and I broke up last night & then he told me he was seeing another girl while we were together. It hurt but then he started saying weird stuff that didnt make any sense & later ...

 Sometimes I get dizzy when I stand up, answers?
After using the computer or playing video games for about 1-2 hours in my comfy chair, SOME TIMES (rarley) I stand up reasonably quick to go do something. In those seconds I feel very light headed ...

 Why have I had trouble spelling even the simple words ever Sense I was a little girl?
Why have I had trouble spelling even simple words ever sense I was a little girl? it is hard to spell for me and I think it is getting worse what is it that I have? Has some one been through this and ...

 Do you think most obese people are emotional eaters?

 What could this be? Is this normal?
I have been battling a cold for the past few days. I've been congested,and have been taking a chest congetion medicine. So far it appears to be working, but I have a tiny bit of blood in the ...

 Why do I get sick everytime I kiss my boyfriend?
Everytime I kiss my boyfriend, the next day I wake up with a sore throat, and the sore throat lasts about a week. Why does this happen? He's only kissed one other girl, and that was YEARS ago. L...

 What kind of sickness do I have, if at all?
Can someone tell me what kind of sickness involves just a real contagious non stop sneezing? It seems to stop for a few seconds to a minute or two and then another sneeze fires back and comes out. Is ...

 What's a good cold medicine that will relieve the symptoms and not put me to sleep?
runny and stuffy nose, sore throat, sneezing, watery eyes and one of the glands in the front left side of my neck is sore....

 Why does my stomach twitch?
Why does the inside of my stomach feel like it's twitching? I've had twins 9 months ago and every now and then it feels like the inside of my belly has been twitching.. Especially today. My ...

 why do i cry when i yawn?
when i yawn i tear drop comes from my eye and looks weird how do i prevent it (and dan't tell me to get more sleep, thats obvious)...

 Why do my parents wake up several times every night to go to the bathroom?
My parents like to go to bed around 9-10pm. I like to go to bed later at around midnight. Whenever I'm at the bathroom brushing my teeth at 12am, my parents are up and waiting to use the ...

 If it is true that too much salt intake can cause diarrhea, how to treat this problem?
I'm having diarrhea and I think it is caused by too much salt intake by accident. Now that I know the cause of it, how to treat this?...

Why do I sneeze so many times?
I can never sneeze just once like normal people. I always sneeze about 10 times in a row and then have to blow my nose a lot before it stops. Is there any reason for this?

I am convinced that sneezing is genetic. We sneeze the way we do because our genes think we should. Our bodies decided that we should sneeze just the way we do. Your body decided that 9 sneezes was not enough, but 10 sneezes was just right. Think about it...you always sneeze 10 times in row. I knew a girl in college that always sneezed 4 times in row. I've know people for decades whom I have only witnessed one incidence of sneezing. They must sneeze SO infrequently. For most people, they always SOUND the same. They are always the same intensity. Some sneeze when they look at a light. It is so unusual to find a person that doesn't have a set "style" of sneezing. Even if a 4 in row sneezer sneezes a fifth time once in a while, most of the time it's 4 in a row. My sneeze sounds similar to my brother's sneeze. My late father's sneeze sounded similar to mine & my brother. I knew 2 cousins that had almost identical sneezes. So again, I think it is genetic.

Sara Jayne
Don't worry honey, I have the same thing. You've probably already tried allergic medication. It never worked for me, that's just how I sneeze. I think that some people just have more sensitive noses, so when they start sneezing they can't stop. I've definitely done like 20 in a row before, so you aren't alone. Just keep a hanky with you so you can always blow your nose. I find that helps. Oh and are you stifling your sneezes at all? Because I founf that made it SOO much worse.

yeah it's normal for some people...could be allergies

Johnny Canuck
haha its perfectly normal a girl in my class had to sneeze 15 times cause she didn't sneeze hard enough and it never came out lol

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