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Pain in my big toe on the inner side by the nail?
I woke up this morning and my big toe is hurting. its not the joint or the nail bed, but on the side of the toe. The pain is concentrated on the inner side by the second toe, and the pain tingles down on that side. The top part of my toe is tingling as well. I also noticed there is a little swelling on the inner side of the toe. It's not an ingrown toe nail because I can lift the nail fine, its not stuck or anything. The pain is located under the skin. What else could this be?

Toenails can be a lot wider than you expect. I've had a very similar case where I thought my toenail was normal, but the docs opened it up and lo and behold, there was a little spur of nail that had broken sideways and it really was inside that fleshy part to the side and really infected. Go to a clinic or hospital (since you will need a minor procedure performed to cut open your toe and remove the nail) and after a little while, you'll be good to go.

Demitri Reynolds
Sounds like an ingrown nail. I would suggest soaking it in hot salt water and seeing if you can pull the toe nail out from under the skin. If not, go to the doctor soon. If it gets too bad, you will have to have minor surgery on it where they cut back the nail. Try to be aware of the possibility of an ingrown nail and pull it lightly away from the skin on a daily basis-after you have the ingrown toe taken care of. I do it before I put my shoes on. Also be careful about cutting your toe nails too far down.

It is an ingrown nail. It does not have to be visible to you in order to be one. They can stem from high up near your nail bed, not always at the rounded edge. I get them all the time. I am actually considering having my nails removed to grow back new because they get very bad no matter what I do.

it's probably just an ingrown toe nail.

Five Led
sounds like you have mrsa, go to a doctor now before it spreads and kills you

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