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What is the reality about cannabis.?
Will this dental work I am getting hurt?
What do you think of smokers?
What are some new ideas for UNICEF to fund more immunizations?
I was cut by knife while cutting vegetables....Is there HIV risk?
What germs are you concerned about at home, out and about or in the office?
swine flu... 13 yrs. old?
Mountain Dew really bad for diabetic?
Is the swine flu going to KILL US ALL?
non smokers ,what are your principles on buying cigerettes for someone?
What are some ways to bring a fever down fast?
I just found out that I have sugar in my urine, can I pee on my breakfast cereal now?
What are some natural remedies that you use to treat sore throats?
I am going to London for one week. Will I die of swine flu?
What do you think of the whole swine flu thing?
What is diabetes?
Can I be allergic to a certain soap?
What is the worst physical pain you have ever felt?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
how much sleep should teenagers have daily?
If one gets the swine flu virus, are they guaranteed to die with no chance of recovery?
Do you think that lung Cancer kills or the cigarettes kill?
Is the Swine Flu still going on?
Should smokers be made to pay for their treatment?
What are some yoga tips for managing anxiety and cultivating positive energy?
i do not have medical insurance and have a bad sinus infection . What would be the cure without a doctor ?
How do i know if im dehydrated?
Did you ever git a small needle or something stuck through yuor feet?
Help please!!?
how can you not get sick for a whole year?
whats a quick home remedy to stop bleeding?
My husband has late stage cancer and has started to wet his pants. Should I tell him we're through?
Is it legal for a hospital to make a 5-year old girl with severe fracture wait for 6 hours?
Can alcohol make you fat?
Swine Flu? Do you think I have it?
What is strongest pain reliver?
has anyone ever heard of using super glue instead of getting stiches???
Is it safe to NOT consume any kind of sugar for a long period of time?
What do you find are good ways to treat sore throats for kids?
Please help. This is not a joke,What should i do/?
How do i stop biting my nales(im biteing them as we speak)?
why do people who never smoked get cancer?
Is it possible for gays to get AIDS?
I stepped on a rusted nail last night, do I need to go to the doctor?
Why do non smokers keep attacking smokers? What are they scared of?
If the "Swine" Flu" is so bad why have there only been 700 deaths world-wide?
A guy threatened to kill himself over me?
What is good for bee sting? I walked through a swarm, I was stung 9 times...?
Questions about weed?
What's the best remedy for a bad hang over!?
can you get a repeat urinary tract infection by drinking alot of soda . i had one 2 wks ago and its back?
i just burnt my hand with boiling water from a kettle?
What's the best way to get rid of a headache??
Why can your body fight off the flu virus, but not the HIV virus?
I'm in chronic pain and can't sleep.?
Will the SWINE FLU outbreak be the next Black Death Plague?
Does it hurt when...?
I cut myself with a slightly rusted razor...?
Could I get sick from cat bite?
my brother and mum have the swine flu....what should i do?
How can swine flu travel from Mexico to Europe when they are so far apart?
How do i tell him he has nits?
Seriously: Do I have Swine Flu?
Could i have Swine Flu?
Which is the most common disease ?
do you reckon the swine flu will kill everyone?
No one cares about me, should I just stop eating?
is swine flu over here in america?
Do you know a good way to remove a ring from a painfully swollen finger ?
Flatulence (gas) problems, help!?
What happens if you don't eat in two days?
if i said oink, how owuld u reply?
how do i make myself throw up?
I was cleaning my ear with a Q tip and now it feels like it is clogged, like i can faintly hear, what do i do?
ok....i'm scared?
What is it that makes the virus in a vaccine harmless?
Please tell me why I shouldn't smoke? I need support.?
How can I stop myself from enjoying smoking?
my cousin is 25 and has chicken pox?!?
Can I die on insulin overdose?
I need help for Dehydration?
Is swine flu a success or failure?
what can i eat to make my throat hurt ??
How much pain can you take.. Whatever causes it. from -0 to +10?
Is there a permanent cure for bad breath?
Do I have Swine flu poss ably?
Is the Swine Flu vaccine dangerous ?
do you have to have a high tolerance of pain to pierce your ear yourself?
I suspect I have strep throat but I can't see a doctor until tomorrow and I'm visiting an elderly person today
Viginal infection????
how can i cure a headache??!?
what do you eat when your head hurts?
Help my bodys quite sore?
can you mix pain killers?
Can we die from all types of flu's ?
Please Help- Swine Flu Question!?
How could we prevent the swine flu from spreading even more?
are YOU a smoker????
Heal cutting scars/cuts faster?
do library books have germs ?
can kissing a cancer patient bring me cancer?
My tailbone hurts , help ?
OK - who's got that vomiting and diarrhoea bug at the moment?
how can i pertect my self of the swine flu?
Should I see a doctor after vomiting blood again?
My friend has Diabetes how close are they to a cure?
10 points for answer!!can any one tell me what this is?
What do I do with chicken pox?
Do you think testing on animals is ok?
what is the worst pain you have ever gone through?
When it seems you've just given up on life. Getting lazier every day. How do you just quit that and get up?
A college kid (health and exercise science) says we're to blame for our own cancers, but just won't admit it?
I taped my eye shut for an hour, now it's smaller than the other one.?
How bad does getting your wisdom teeth pulled hurt?
Why didn't they close the borders for swine flu?
What are all the symptoms of swine flu?
What is the most common way that the flu is spread?
am I sick?
Help....I've got a scratchy, rough sore throat......what can i do to sooth it????
what are the symptoms of the swine flu?
Swine flu: why are schools now not closing when kids have it.?
have i got swine flu ???.?
What is the first thing you would want to see or do after having LASIK?
What do contacts feel like?
Oh no! I woke up with swastika's all over me! Have i caught German Measles?
Is the swine flu going to be around forever?
are you scared of the swine flu?
do i have swine flu??
Some cancer treatment can make your hair fall out: how do you deal with this?
What's a good natural flu remedy, or aches and fever relief?
if a child has fallen from a chair and has hit on the back of his head and got soar throat,fever and vomitting?
Can you catch chickenpox if you have already had them?
Does it hurt your eyes?
I'm having pains on the lower right side of my tummy?
Easy, fast headache cure?
I have a lump in my neck just below my jaw line it seems to be able to move under my finger and it's painful!
which piercing hurts more?
my right hand is always cold. help?
ear ache won't go away help?
I HAVE SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!?
how do I sterilize my peanutbutter to be sure it doesn't have salmonella?
If everyone is saying that the swine flu is less dangerous than the common flu why did they close schools?
How do you get rid of leg cramps?
Im 13 and didnt get the shot because i was crying xD It was a blood test
So it appears that jordan has swine flu?
If you’ve had a friend or relative affected by cancer, how did they find getting prescriptions?
What hurts more, a tounge or cheek piercing?
why am i getting random headaches?
My back is killing me!! could it be.......?
my dad told me something sad today and now i feel guilty?
Can someone help me with a toothache?
Help!?! I'VE JUST BEEN SHOT!!!! BY A GUN?!?!?
What are the effects of snorting oxycodone?
How to get rid of a cold sore?
What is this yellow/white stuff in my underwear?
What are these the symptoms of?
Im in the uk, I am very scared that i might catch swine flu and die? Will i? please help me?
Do any of y'all know if the swine flu shot is safe?
How can your community help fight malaria, a disease that kills 8,000 children in Africa daily?
What’s the best way to get to sleep when you’re suffering from a cold or flu?
Can living a green lifestyle help you reach a better mental balance?
What’s the best seating position to reduce tension while driving?
How do you protect your family and yourself from germs?
Help! My fingernails smell like poo and its making me feel sick but, I can't stop smelling it!?
Does such a thing as 'allergy to bread' exist?
Sore Throat?!?!?
My hands have been shaking all day. Anyone know why this is?
Do I have Swine Flu?!?!?!?
How much does ear piercing hurt for an 8 year old??
HELP! I have the worst hangover what can I do to fix it?
i wish i had never been born, what do i do???
Does getting your blood drawn hurt? ?
Are you going to get the swine flu shot?
Is anyone allergic to something they really wished they weren't?
Am i in serious trouble?
Swine Flu- Should People in the US start wearing masks?
Opinions on "swine flu"?
Do I have skin cancer? Please help...?
Any ideas of what this feeling is?
I have pain under my rib cage on my left side that goes around to my left shoulder/neck?
HELP!! i have tonsillitis and i don't know what to do.?
Should I see a Doctor? Sore throat?
Swine flu - should we be worried?
Are you afraid of dying from Swine Flu?
Swine Flu, the Apocalypse?
morphine or percocets?
What kind of drug makes you forget everything and wake up with a major head ache?
i hit my head!?? HELP ME!?
What's the best remedy for eczema?
I need people's opinion on this.....?
I have swine flu and coughed in someones face, is that bad?
what kind of sickness do you have if you can't drink acidic drinks?
is advil for stomach flu as well?
is it true that carrots give you better eye sight?
what to do when one has potassium deficiency???
is it true we eat spiders in our sleep?
Why Does My Back Ache So Much?
is there a possible way for me to numb my arm before i get a tattoo?
Numb left arm & pains in chest?
FOOD POISONING drink water or not?
should i take the swine flu shot...plz answer?
How serious are baldder and kidney infections?
I've been having stomach pains lately?
One of my friends believes that eating an EXTREMELY healthy diet will cure cancer. Can it?
Daughter has got conjuctivitous, eyes are really puffy & dark, should i stop using eye drops & consult doctor?
Do you think I have swine flu? What should i do?
Is the swine flu actually deadly?
i have swine flu. is it okay for me to go trick-or-treating?
Do I have swine flu? (my symptoms are listed)?
How do I get rid of the love bite on my neck, quickly?
by means of which bodily fluids can HIV be spread?
Does anyone think the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico and the USA will not become a world wide pandemic?
Can I get swine flu from eating pork?
Why was the HIV virus created in USA Laboratories and then taken to other countries to infect so many people?
I think I might have contracted this Wine Flu that people keep talking about.?
My boy friend has just gone blind?
how can i pretend that i have the swine flu?
Do you think we should ALL be made to wear masks?
I've had a cold, can I go and see my friend's baby?
new to contacts!!!???
I have a sore.....?
HELP!! I just accidentally chugged a bottle of Advil?
Is This A Migraine? please help!!?
took a nap woke with right hand numb 2days now why?
I had a stomach ache this weekend and i took some Tums and it turns out .....?
Will the swine flu come to Colorado!?
Are you getting the swine flu vaccine?
are cigarrettes more harmful than marjuana?
stuff im my throat not sure?
i am so unwell and want to know how to make me better?
How long does it take for the germs from kissing someone to leave your mouth? i heard it was monthes?
do i has swine flu like the news sayd?
i have to know?
Back of my neck on my right side really hurts and I've had a bad headache for 2 days, is this a migraine?
Fish Bone Stuck in Throat.?
Why do women have mood swings but men don't?
What do you do if your back hurts?
What is this feeling in my throat?
i have a pain on the back of my neck! please help!?
i am having boils on my scalp & face & back for 10 yrs pls help me?
if you have the swine flu, can you get it again?
I have swine flu, and I have a couple questions.?
Do you think the swine flu will kill a lot of people in the US?
Can you die from Swine Flu?
swine flu ??????????????????
why do i have somtach pain and lower back pain especially in the mornings??????
Is it true that if you eat before swimming, that you'll drown?
I burned my leg with grease?
Do I have the Swine Flu!?
Can you get hepatitus c if blood was spilled on your hand from someone who has hep. c?
How Many of You Believe Swine Flu Vaccine Will Never Come?
What is wrong with my leg?
Whats wrong with me? Mental health.?
i drink lots of water and by the end of the day my urine is clear is that good?
Is their a possibility that I have tuberculosis?
Swine flu question need answer?
What do you guys think of the swine flu ?
How many cases have been confirmed or unconfirmed in your area?
Help anyone my head hurts?
My eyes REALLY hurt ...?
i keep getting pains in the calf of my right leg. Has anyone any ideas as to what it might be please?
I can't afford a doctor, but i think something might be wrong?
How can I persuade my mum to let me get contact lenses?
If you attend a casualty and they have removed the sharp object from the puncture wound should you?
I hit my head falling down the stairs, should I be worried?
Do you have swine flu yet?
Why's everyone freaking out about the Swine Flu?
Do i have HIV or not?
is ham bad for u with all the swine thing going on?
Can you get HIV this way?
Can young teens get the swine flu?
steps to prevent the widespread of swine flu?
Is there a cure for the Swine Flu?
I have Swine Flu and I am in school coughing and I am from Mexico, what do I do?
HELPP!!! URGENT!!! Uvula stuck to tonsil!!!?
How Long Will The Swine Flu Last?
My nose has been stuffed for like 3 months?
Help please (just burnt myself)?
How long will it take for my voice to go back to normal .... ?
Once & for all, is the swine flu something to be seriously worried about?
i met this girl i love her but after one week she told me she is HIV positive.?
My boyfriend has herpes but I dont. What should I do?
Swine Flu????????????
If a doctor tells you that your kidneys are healthy, does that mean that you definitley don't have diabetes?
How come my contacts only bother my left eye?
Do I need antibiotics or is there any chances that it will go away on its own?
when you die does it hurt?
My eye hurts............. ?
Any clues to what's wrong?
braces? just got them today?
Is 125 pounds normal for a 5'1'' tall 22-year old girl?
What is the difference between influenza and the flu?
can you be affected by influenza A H1N1 the second time around?
why does diabetics have to watch their sugar level?
I'm a bad diabetic i take experimental insulin, I cant stop the regular soft drinks what do I do?
How do you stay upbeat when you're in constant, chronic pain?
Help...Got some pain?
my throat hurts badly and it won't go away?
Does God want us to live in fear?
Will the Swine Flu cause a Zombie outbreak?
what will happen if I cry while my contacts are in?
Whats the amount of SLEEP i need?
how can you make sunburn remedies?
My 8 year old daughter is Diabetic?
why are my knees stiff and sore when i wake?
i have a fever and my stomach has been hurting for 3 days... whats wrong?
is swine flu all a crock of sh*t?
What’s the key to avoiding cold and flu germs during winter?
I need a remedy for back pain?
Can salads give you headaches?
Have you ever cut or took a few slashes at your wrist as a way of lashing out or dealing with pain?
light headed and dizzy?
What are the symptoms of H1N1 (swine flu) ?
Can adults who've had chicken pox develop shingles if they come into contact with a child who has chicken pox?
If "swine flu" is such a "pandemic," how come I don't know a single person who has it?
Please help me! I'm scared I have Herpes something please help :(?
whats the most painful thing you've ever had to go through?
Diabetes? Are they genetic?
What is a good gift for a diabetic?
Is it dangerous to wear someone else's contacts?
i burned myself. HELP!?
Will smoking weed discolour my teeth?
What is the biggest sigh of relief you have ever had?
What is wrong with me!?
my legs keep on hurting?
Does anybody wear contacts?
What Hurts worse!? I'm not sure!? Please Help!?
What will happen if you have a medium sized cut and you dont treat it?
Bump under amrpit is it serious?
everyday when I drive only my right hand cramps up (needles & pins feeling! Why does this happen?
When cancer is classed as terminal...?
Really bad sore throat....?
plz answer fast: lower right abdominal pain!?
do fillings hurt? please help me!?
Got mumps last year,from then i find my right testis very small my right one is huge.No problem mastrubating?
i have hepatic b and my wife she don't have and she have don the injection doctor set is save bat i don't no
I am a 31 yr old male and my blood sugar was at 104. Does this mean I have diabetes?
I'm 25 and i found out last january i was diabetic, I love sweets how can i change my eating habits?
I don't really have a headache, its more of a .......?
How to get rid of cramps..?
rode a horse yesterday and now i'm in a lot of pain?
How do you get rid of a headache fast?
i have a sharp stining pain on my right side a little under my breast what could this be?
how can you stop someone snoring?
Do I have the flu?
Ok, I got stung by a bee on the forehead 2 days ago... I am not allgergic to bee stings but...?
will the swine flu come to louisiana?
Did you get the H1N1 Shot?
Is there an easy way to get hydrocodone ? Without going to the doctor
what the heck is wrong with my back?!!?
Do I have a right to ask for pain medicine?
My neck has been hurting for 3 days so far and I can't tilt it to the left at all.?
As you work on your fitness resolutions in the New Year, what will keep you motivated to reach your goals?
What yoga breathing exercises can you do while driving?
How does one go about picking a type of yoga and getting started?
How do you decide which eating, exercise, and stress management options are right for you?
Mexico flu 'a potential pandemic'?
Should doctors be required to release the names of patients who test positive for AIDS and why?
I got sick out of nowhere.. help me!?!?
whats going on with the swine flu situation?
could i have swine flu ?
Can contact lenses really improve your eyesight?
Omg the sun looks soo cool when I stare at it?
Bra's!! Should a man wear one if he is needing one?
spider in my room! what do i do?!?
our daughter has cervical cancer is she going to die from this?:( shes 30 with two children 6&12 :(?
when you have a tumor doesn't it mean you have cancer?
what type of insulin for type 1 diabetes(juvenile)?
Can too much sugar cause diabetes?
is there any medicine for diabaties?
What happens if stitches are never removed after surgery?
Ear aches, jaw hurts but I can't get to the Dr's. What else can I do?
I have a really bad, ummm....neck ache..oh and my back really hurts too, think my dr. will give me some oxy's?
Do I have swine flu, help?
Can a fly or mosquito landing on your arm spread harmful amounts of bacteria? (not biting, just landing)?
How long does it take to recover from getting stoned? how long does it last for the high?
I have been told I have heptitic C. I don't know much about it! Is it in the same catogory as aids? I'm scared
Quitting Smoking?
am i the only one stressing about swine flu in the UK?
How to prevent getting swine flu?
With all the desieses out there, why can't gay men donate blood?
whats wrong with me 10 points for best answer?
what are these symptoms of?
My temp is 97.5 is that bad?
Is it possible to get another common cold after ive jus finished with one?
The right side of my chest hurts a lot, what is located there?
Swimmer's Ear pain!!! HELP!?!?
I hear a crack in the back of my head close to my neck sometimes. Mostly when I exercise, what does this mean?
does anyone know a good remedy for cramp?
What's your magic formula for getting in fabulous shape in 3 months?
do you think there will ever be a cure for cancer?
what are some symptoms to diabetes?? what's the youngest age you can get it???
Type 1 Diabetes???? Help!!!!!! ?
i took too much TYLENOL?
i have chest pain when i stand up, what does that mean?
Do I have the Swine Flu?
should i vaccinate my baby?
Who else is suffering with this nasty cold/virus?
"Is society right to panic over swine flu?"?
Is a Virus Evill?
my head hurts sooo bad i have tryed everything u can think of but it wont go away&?
my throat hurts when i swallow??
Would you?
PLEASE HELP my daughter is 1 yrs old she had her injections on wed they have had swine flu at nursery?
I have a splinter on my hand that I got yesterday, I woke up today and its red around the splinter,?
do you have a food allergy?
which of the following will give you allergy?
I woke up last night and my toe hurt SO bad I couldn't even get back to sleep! I didn't injure it?
HELP, Uncle is having Pain Relief overdose!?
Is there a deliciously tasty and nutritious way to incorporate more fibre in your diet as a snack and how?
if i kiss someone with cancer will i get it?
Arent i too young 2 have a tumor?
How painful is a colonoscopy?
How does a virus know what to do--it's thing... not a living thing.?
Whats My Eye colour .. (Pictures)?
doctor paramedic anyone Bloody nose?
my friend has not eaten or drank water since Thursday afternoon and has now taken 22 tablets of panadol...?
Anyone living with someone in Chronic Pain?
my daughter is having pain in her side left side and she's also vomiting can anyone help.?
Can anyone tell me if they think it's wrong/gross/unhealthy for anyone to kiss babies on the mouth?
What's the best cure for a severe sunburn?
I'm 33 am I in my prime? H***Y all the time?
i smoke at age 13.......is it dangerous?
How can I remove the blood from test strips to reuse them?
How to get rid of back pains?
HONESTLY, should I lose weight? (Pic)?
My gf's hospital has swine flu, is it ok to be wary of her?
How Can I Treat Nose Bleeds?
what's the best and easiest way to lose weight?
Is cosmetic surgery the key to happiness?
I'm worried about my mom...?
how dangerous is this situation?
can I get an STD through oral?
can candy cause diabetes if you eat them allot?
What can cause a pain on the lower right side of my stomach?? Please answer now!?
i cant see in 1 of my eyes and there is a lots of blood?
What are these worms in my eye?
Are Contact Lenses Expensive??
i had a misscarige 6 years ago i dident go to the doctors can i still have children?
anyone know how to get water out of my ear?
I always have bad breath!?
Is there a way you can purposely cry tears of blood?
what is the most inapropriate activity for somone with a suspected broken ankle?
blood sugar happens to be 104?
what side is your apendix on?
has anyone stopped smoking and actually been happy about it?
Getting contacts, what's it like?
why does it feel like i have something in my eye when i take my contacts out?
cartilage piercing..does it hurt?
How can I try and relieve back pain without having to go to a dr.?
can anyone diagnose what i had last night :(?
How often do you work out in a week? What are your favourite workout activities (e.g gym, yoga, swimming)?
Prescription for New Glasses??
Eye prescriptions - are opticians obliged by law to give you a copy of your prescription?
Is it possible for schools in Massachusetts to be closed because of Swine Flu?
The Swine Flu craziness?
is it ok to use benadryl with ibuprofren?
I really need help. Please answer...?
Does it hurt getting a cavity filled ?
In a load of pain, Did I break my wrist!?!?
what colour are these eyes?
What's the worst injury you have ever had?
What children's anitbiotic is a pink liquid for 10 days?
can i legally get the swine flu vaccine from my doctor even though i don't have the virus?
why have brits got such messed up teeth?
i'm 9. what is a safe way to get out of school?
About to have surgery!!!!?
What was the worse thing that happened to you last week?
how long can you hold your breath?
chest ache not pains !!!!!!?
i have a really bad migraine, how can i make it stop?
It’s Mouth Cancer Awareness week: have you or anyone close to you ever experienced mouth cancer?
Does my employer have to pay for my eye test?
How do i keep my tobacco from drying out?
Is it safe to temporarily store contacts in water?
How long would you have to eat too much sugar to get diabetes?
Is pink eye a reason to stay home from work?
Is it possible to strengthen your eyes-should I make my 6yr old wear her glasses?
colored contacts?!?!?
Can you drink anything cold during a stomache virus?
How to get rid of a cold?
What foods should I eat and avoid when I have a coldsore?
I've had cough And Cold For About 2 Weeks Now. Should i be Worried About The Swine Flu?
my mom has pain in her legs, please help me figure out what it rly is?
Can you get hiv from sharing drinks?
Is it true that if you get your period at 12 years old then you have breast cancer?
What can this be? My husband is rolling around in pain?
my throat is sore im scared :'(?
Stabing Pain when i breath?
Is it still safe to go to places with a lot of people?
Have anyone died in the UK of swine flu?
How often are you supposed to get a new toothbrush?
Why have my eyes changed colour?
When I take my glasses off, why do I see everything blury?
I accidently shot my Neighbor in Both arm's and Both Leg's.WHAT DO IDO!!?
Am I too small to be a massage therapist?
Is it true that women have a higher pain tolerence than men?
Is there any cure for diabetes?
How can I get over my fear of death?
Can you lose your eyesight?
Possibly have spray paint in my eye?
Eye pain, please help. Google isn't giving me anything!?
twitching beneath the eye?
m 22 male .. my eye sight -5 .if i don't put glasses is there any side effect?
New Glasses....lens not right?
Whats the name of that desease when your eyes are different colors?
Can I get Any Stds from kissing a stripper?
How can I increase my heigth?(I'm 26 years old)?
What is the sickest thing you've ever heard of being inside of a person?
How do you choose what you eat when you eat out?
Just got diagnosed with cancer...what now?
How to comfort a friend who's mother is dying of cancer?
Thinking of Taking up Smoking!!?
My contacts are making my eyes extremely red?
I don't want to wear glasses !?
what vision makes you legally blind?
Why do so many girls turn to contact lenses?
can you only feel one pain at a time.?
HOW do I get contacts out of my eye??? and other Q's..??
How do you stop a head ache without taking medicine?
can you catch HIV from kissing someone?
do i have a cold or the flu?
non stop diarrhea for 1 day so far?
Do i have swine flu????????
Had the flu jab yesterday, today my arm is very hot and swollen is there a problem?
swine flu... I'm scared.?
I hit my hand on the bench and it's bleeding really bad what should i do about it?
Is borderline diabetes can go back to normal state, and stay normal? or when you get it you'll never go back?
the tips of my fingers hurt from so much playing guitar how do i make them heal faster??
Why don't people come forward readily for HIV/AIDS test even when it's offered for free by the government?
My contact lenses went dry but I left them in solution and they're soft again. Is it okay to still use them?
I have "-7" (minus 7) power in my one eye and wearing specs, can it be made normal with some natural treatment?
Is it bad that i'v been sleeping in my contacts for 3 months straight?
I can't find my contact in my eye but I know it's there. How do I get it out?
Can you feel eye contacts and do they hurt?
I swallowed a live mouse, help please?
Can you get AIDS by....?
Omg my school has this staph infection going around.I'm so scared.What if i have it?I don't wana go to school!
Does anyone else WANT swing flu too?
Are we all gonna die??!!?
What kind of cancer kills you quickest?
If you or someone close to you has been affected by cancer, how did it affect you in the workplace?
Hi. Is it okay if I went in the shower with my eyeglasses on?
Can't look at things without squinting my eyes?
Lump/ball under eyelid, anyone know?
my sons pupil is no longer round its a oval/egg shape what does this mean ?
What is causing my strange eye twitch?
how long should one pair of contacts last?
PLEASE HELP!!! anyone this is an emergency?
What household item can be used to ease the pain of a minor oven burn?
how to get rid of acne?
How serious is the swine flu?
Do you have to get tested to know for sure if you have the swine flu?
how can i gain weight?
Do contacts change your eye color?
Super Human Vision?
my son got a kick on the side of his head today and was knocked out for a few minutes,what do i do?
i need your advice i'm afraid of hospitals but theirs this boy i care about in there. should i go?
My kid put 9 sleeping pills in my cordial. URGENT!?
How can you completly steralize a needle?
Does it hurt when you get your ear's piece.?
I bit the tip of my tongue and now its bleeding waht should i do?
I have a heartburn....plzzz help?
how do u deal with depression?
What made you happy today?
child with headaches?
Is weed addictive or harmful?
My friend has swine flu is she going to die?
can a 12 year old get herpes?
my daughter has swine flu she on tamiflu should her sisters go to school or take a few days off?
Is anyone else scared of Swine Flu?
Green stuff coming out of finger?
What is a good treatment to relieve swollen, red, runny eyes?
Ive had a nosebleed for 15 mins and it won't stop!?
Can anybody tell me what's wrong with me?
I'm a student and I carry a backback with a lot of heavy books in it. Could this lead to future back problems
I can't sleep cos my toes ache. What can I do ?
Do I have the swine flu?
Is it possible that I have the Swine Flu?
Do I have the Swine Flu?
I have purposely avoided any and all knowledge of the swine flu, you?
What can happen if a 6-year-old takes to many Tylenol Melt-aways?
Does anyone know what it means if a diabetic person's feet swell?
Losing Weight??
I got a really bad sunburn and i need advice ASAP!!?
i can't get rid of a bad headache?
Help! Huge mosquito bite on my forehead!?
Do IV's Hurt and if so how bad?
Ouch that hurts??????????:(?
My tooth hurts! How to stop the pain?
H1N1 vaccine...PLEASE HELP!!?
What should I eat if i have a stomach bug?
How do I get rid of a headache?
I need some help anyone is fine i need advise anyhing will help me.?
Painkillers, is this normal?
my little brother stuck a bug in his ear and it's dead but stuck deep we tried everything HELP!!!!
Does anyone else feel that the government knows alot more about the swine flu that they are saying?
HIV question!!!!!!!!.?
Do I have the Swine Flu?
Swine flu. Im worried, please help?
i am a diebetic,is it safe to eat fruit,i like pears?
i took 8 tylenol pills at once?
There's a sore spot on my head that hurts when i press on it?
My daughters leg shape is unusual and is causing her pain.?
People who wear contacts?
My GP wont listen to me. I've had a pain in my foot. Podiatrist says sesimoiditis. GP wont refer me for MRI
Why does a hangover only effect you in the morning?
Can you have the Swine Flu without having fever?
For the "Swine Flu" Do You Think What I'm Doing Will Help Me Avoid It?
what happens if a person drink HIV+ blood ?
I'm really concerned right now, do i have swine flu?
swine flu question.. over reacting?
Are contacts better than glasses?
What's up with my leg?
Is it possible i have diabetes?
how can you prevent yourself from getting gingivitis? ?
what's your opinion on the swine flu?
wtf is up with the swine flu drama?
OK guys how do y'all feel about MANDATORY vaccinations?
question about the swine flu?
So.....What did you do with your flu leaflet?
What is the worst pain ever?
Why am I so paraoid about having HIV?
is cancer painful? what pronlons your life?
do men get breast cancer?
is 110 degrees considered a high fever? Should i go to the doctor's?
what does it mean if your stools are black?
how do i get rid of dry eyes?
What is good alcoholic drink for a person with diabetes?
Does diabetes make you irritable?
couldi get sick from kissing someone that was sick?
Is going to the movies okay with the swine flu and all?
what is the best medicine for a sore throat?
What is the real reason for California to require a new vaccine for school age children?
what happens if you don't get your tonsels removed??
Did i Damage my eyes?
Is it possible for your eyesight to drastically improve?
How do I get something I can't see out of my eye?
Have you ever been hungry and nauseous at the same time?
If you use ear plugs, the one's that you stick inside your ear. Can if affect you ear or cause hearing loss?
dose it hurt bad the first time and any tips?
are we all going to die of divine swine flu?
Is anyone afraid of swine flu?
Does Anyone Kow If The Swine Flu.........?
Swine Flu, Sign Of The Apocalypse?
I think I have bowel cancer?
Would you ever shave your head for charity or to show support for someone with cancer?
Im 14 im worried i have bowel cancer help?!?
What could be wrong, please help?
I have this headache that I cant get rid of.?
how do you know if you need your appendix removed?
why do i want to bite my girlfriends neck so bad?
what's wrong with my eye?
Is 234 an okay blood sugar 2 hours after eating frosted miniwheats?
How do i stop my leg from bleeding?
How many hours of sleep can a person survive on?
does a tongue piercing hurt more or less than an upper ear piercing?
How do you kow if you...?
What is wrong with me? Urgent!?
why do i have pain in my knee after i go for a run?
Should martial law be declared because of the swine flu epidemic?
How are your current glasses working out for you?
Do you wake up or open your eyes first?
If you're colorblind, what color do you see if you look at red and white stripes?
Sleeping with contacts! Help?
glasses broke.. can I used cheap reading glasses?
my ear is clogged...help!!!?
I have a fishbone in my throat? :/?
My 3 year old daughter is limping and the doctor doesn't know why? Anybody have any ideas?
How should you handle a situation like this? Tonight, we went to a dinner party, and another couple brought__
can you get pink eye only by?
help with the swine flu?
Is part of the job of blood platelets to stop infection?
How to get rid or parasites?
My boyfriend just broke up with me, and I want to kill myself.?
What's the best kind of cancer?
How can we make India AIDS free?
Is it wrong for me to feel hurt if my daughter does not let me cry on her shoulder?
Are contacts safe for 11 year olds?
PLEASE help! My throat really hurts!?
Difference between normal contacts and ones you sleep in?
how do i tell my parents i need glasses?
I have a question about cross eyes?
Why are my glasses STILL uncomfortable?I?
i jammed my finger in the door and now the fingernail is blue!! wat will happen next??
have you had your heart broken and how?
Does caffeine make a headache worse? ?
does anyone else suffer blurry vision in the morning?
quick! what can i do to get rid of the redness in my eye i got from sleeping with my contacts?
Do you prefer glasses or contacts?
does my prescription mean that i need to wear my glasses all the time?
colored eye contacts?
How to get rid of a cold?
HELP I ate pinto beans and now have horrible gas, how can I get rid of this? Please don't laugh!!?
Can I shower with open wounds?
sunburn! - help please!!?
Is it ok for a 13 year old to smoke marijuana?
i have a pain in my chest, on the right side, and it hurts more when i breathe in?
Can you take tablets i.e. paracetamol with coke instead of water?
I have really bad neck pain. Do I use HEAT or COLD?
in terrible pain right now because of a sunburn?
My sugar level is 5.51 nmo/L or 100.10 mgdl - is it normal?
Why are people dying from Swine Flu in Mexico but not in the U.S.?
can you die if you get the chicken pox 2 times?
Both My Mom & Dad are infected with a Cold Virus but my Mom she cooked dinner tonight?
I think my pig has the swine flu!!?
Bacteria in Urine?
Do I need glasses?????
contacts question? is there a chance that...?
i got a ring stuck on my finger. the more i try to get it off the more it swells up.?
What is passive smoking? How harmful is it?
I think I'm too lazy to put in my contacts...?
Can't put contact lenses on?
PLEASE!! Cold sore that needs to get gone! FAST!!?
Is anyone else getting a little frightened by this "swine flu"?
Have any Americans died yet?
Help! I can't get my sons finger to stop bleeding.......?
How can I stop my hickups, it's really killing me?
How may a FEVER be beneficial to a person who is sick?
What would help prevent me from getting colds?
Getting the top of your ear pierced-does it hurt more??
whats your experience of migraines?
I find that mosquitoes bite me a lot. Maybe it is body odour, but how can i avoid mosquitoe bites?
What should I do for my friend that has a grandpa who has cancer?
Help pleeeeaaaaeeseeeeeee!!!!?
If I ejaculate on her eye, does it improve her vision?
is it ok to cry while having contacts on?
I have a red painfull lump in my airpit. What do u think it is?
Does it really hurt??????????
how did i hurt my arm?
Can a person die from a migrane headache and/or regular headache?
Is it normal to get blurry vision when looking at a computer screen?
there's a ring stuck on my finger.?
Jellyfish sting?
what can i do for an infected cut on my finger that's causing it to be swollen?
wats dda deadliest virus in da world?????????????????>.<?
Does hand sanitizer on work on hands?
Is H1N1 really gonna be as bad as they say?
What makes pinkeye worse?
Please Answerr, it's about Swine Flu! :(?
My eyes are always getting watery for no reason?
who do i see for an eye check up? my GP?
Moms & Dads?
why do you close your eyes when you sleep?
What's the best way to get rid of a headache?
what is the best cure for a headsplitting hangover?
what to do about my foot?
can i make my back temporarily feel better without seeing a chiropractor?
SWINE FLU?????!!!!!, SO SCARED!!!?
I am sure I have swine flu, what can i do?
could u get aids from?
preparing for the end ,the last few Min's,hours, &days?
Am I at risk - Swine Flu?
Have you been treated by a chiropractor ?
Can a person with vision in one eye only see in 3 D?
Glasses and contacts, help!?
does the eye look larger when wearing contact lens?
Does she like me? Please... I'm dying here!?
Does tattoos behind your ear hurt?
Best treatments for rhuematoid arthritis?
How to fix muscle spasm?
can you die by sickness?
What can I do to prevent getting sick because of the swine flu?
my girlfriend discharges white stuff at times.like on her panties and when finger her.?
what color are your eyes?
is it possible to get refund on a pair of brand new eyeglasses?
i dropped my contact in the sink, is it okay to put it back in if i rinse it with solution or no?
How can I go blind easily?
What to do about a thorn in my finger?
I can't empty myself properly!?
If i starve myself for a week and just eat celery and water how much do you think i would lose?
What are the symptoms of Swine Flu?
I am scared... I think I have Swine flu ?
Is it bad if I never had a Vaccine (ever)?
Has anyone got a serious remedy for migraine?
Massive neck pain. What can I do to alleviate it?
Why I shouldn't commit suicide?
I...I'm addicted to self-harm..?
I have worn contacts for 10 years & when I try my glasses I can't see correct?
It it possible to taste eye drops when i put the drops in my eyes?
my eye doctor said I don't need glasses, then why...?
Can blind people cry?
is it true that masterbation makes you go blind?
Is Breast Cancer genetic?
why insulin can not be taken Orally?
Im going to the chemist for a diabetes test, whats the best time of day to go, and how long after eating?
Could I Have Diabetes?
My last two A1C tests came back at 6 and 5.9, isn't that a good reading?
I've been having diarrhea for 2 days now. What to do?
How to get rid of a cold quickly?
What IS the swine flu?
will everybody catch swine flu?
Why are people acting so crazy about the Swine Flu outbreak?
Does my bed have mites? And how do i get rid of them? im an extremely hygenic person but they wont go away...?
Is it possible to have two different colored eyes?
about how much does lasik eye surgery cost? and is there an age limit? i'm only 19?
Which is better? Eye surgery or contacts?
What eye color is this?
Is it a good idea to get eye laser surgery?
what would cause a small black dot in the center of your vision?
Do you think you could live in your house for 2 weeks without leaving?
why were there crazy people telling me not to take swine flu vaccine and tamiflu?
swine flu?
What is the correct procedure for dealing with a suspected heart attack?
What's the best treatment/cure for insomnia? (aside from taking melatonin or other prescribed medicines)?
How do you pop you ear?
Ok This sounds really weird but...?
How can I get glasses???????
What color are your eyes?
What will hitting my head with a hammer do?
i am 13 years old and i smoke 2 maximum 3 cigarets a day, is it really that bad?
Smoking 6 cigarettes in 9 hours is ok right?
I'm 17, But I Think I Have Cancer, Please Help?
I lost my eldest brother to cancer 3 years ago. I wasn't there when he died and i feel so guilty about that!
Do you think researchers will find a cure for cancer in your lifetime? Yes or No?
Biology: what is a rare type of cancer???
Honestly, is smoking THAT harmful? and aren't they exagerrating a little bit???
I have lower backpain. whats the best thing to take to ease the pain?
Home remedies for depression relief.?
What should I drink with a soar throat?
swine flu?????????????
Will regularly visiting the gym increase chances of contacting swine flu?
whats MRSA??????????????????????????
How do you cure lower back pain?
Can anyone give a reason and solution to acne on my chin and neck?
Gay Guys, WHY do you do it??? It's where you get rid of your waste products!!!?
What do you do if you burn your hand?
Splinter removal help?
My 5 year old child, was bitten by ants, and now has a headahce and leg pains?
please help im very scared, i think i have swine flu. please help!?
Is mono contagious? Could my boyfriend have passed it to me?
Swine flu means judgment day is close?
Headache??? No medicine works...?
My mother in law has lung cancer,what is the percentage for survival with this particular cancer?
OMG please help my leg hurts sooooo bad!!!?
My Mother has cancer, yet I don't care. Is that bad?
oowww i just broke my toe! what do i do!!?
what kind of eye infection/irritation does this sound like? bottom of my eye is puffy and red and starting to?
why do you smoke.......?
I can't get my earrings off and I have an infection! What do I do?!?
How do you deal at work when your sick or not feeling well?
What causes an oral yeast infection?
Swine Flu, safe so far?
How many schools are closing from the Swine flu?
Do i have swine flu, please anssweer(:?
What makes the swine flu different than other strains?
What is worse methadone or oxycontin?
Does anyone know what happened to my leg?
I'm 30 weeks and I am in tears because I am having unbearable hip pains. What to do?
I'm really nauseous, and have thrown up twice since this morning. Should I eat something?
Did anyone else wake up early enough today to watch the beautiful beautiful sun rise ?
Can an infection,if it 's bad enough, kill you?
What kind of painkillers are best for cramps? (Note: advil/ibuprofen generic does not work for me anymore)?
does it hurt THAT bad??
under my tongue it's really sore, whats wrong with me?
how to stop my ribs???????
If our school is closed down for a week because of swine flu will the days be made up at the end of the year?
questions about swine flu - My doctor said that I most likely have the swine flu - and I survived! haha?
my ears might be starting to hurt... does that mean i have swine flu?!?
what the closest thing to antibiotics?
I have swine flu; how long do I have to live?
how long will a little person live?
How long is it possible to carry an STD without any symptoms?
is it true have the scientist found a cure?
Is mono a sign of breast cancer?
: Black eyes ? wtffffff ?
Is there a home remedy for getting rid of an horrible ear ache?
My 2 year old daughter says her legs hurt her every night- what is wrong?
What can i take for my sore throat?
is rabies considered armed and dangerous? rate the degree of damage caused?
how much smoking is ok?
I do NOT smoke weed but, I was around someone who dose; will it be in my system?
how to break my arm ?
Whats Wrong With My Knee?
Help! can this hurt you?
what is best for a toothache: alieve or tylenol?
How can we make lives of people living with HIV/AIDS free from stigma and discrimination?
Am I Fat, Be Honest?
Is it OK to swim immediately after a meal?
I've been power cleaning lately and i get this pain in my right hand, does anyone know why?
Baseball size lump on my chest?
ok so my son has 102.5 fever an his head hurts an ears an tummy an body wut does he have can someone help plz?
My 20 mon old son has recently had pain in his left leg. He cries when he tries to walk on it. What's wrong?
To those who have had cancer, or the families who have been through it...?
i hate cancer so much!?
how can i deal with the flu without medication?
What would do to survive...?
How do I get rid off floaters (eyes)?
Why I am sleepy no matter how long I have slept?
What's best for bug bites?
Migraines! ? ! ?!!!!??? help ASAP?
i'm so sad. i hate my life. i cry every day and i don't know what to do?
My shiit is stuck?
I am newly diabetic and I don't drink soda. What can I drink besides water?
why do diabetics......?
My coworkers kid has Swine flu...?
Do I have pink eye>.....................?
Do nearsighted contacts wearers have to wear glasses if they don't have their contacts in?
um...kinda awkard question....?
Help my foot is stuck in the tv?
Is cancer a result of wrong living.?
How can I get an eyelash out of my eye?
Can you contract AIDS from getting a Tattoo?
Home remedies for constipation?
how do you prevent future diabetes?
how to stop the pain of tonsillitis?
What do you think about the Swine Flu?
can people get contacts if nothing is wrong with your eyes?
Eyes glued shut this morning?
eye doctor tomorow!? help!?
Cover your eyes. Tell me what you see?
are payless shoes good for your feet?
help on my knuckle???????????
where to look for cpr classes.?
i believe i have the i have the cure for cancer please read?
Why can't a 19yr old girl get a cervical cancer vaccine?
when is swine flu gonna stop?
Do Hip Peircing's Hurt?
what is wrong with me?
I am getting headaches with my new glasses?
if eye power is 9 or -9 it is said tht its almost blind...so is this true? ?
do people's eyes heal after wearing glasses.?
is it true people who wear glasses dont see real life in 3d?
could my vision improve?
I can't feel my knees. Is this a recognised symptom of diabetes ?
If I can no longer afford metformin, is there a way to control blood sugar for diabetes?
I a feeling a flu is going to come to earth to do with pigs i have a strong feeling?
are u scared H1N1 virus?
Should I be worried about The Swine Flu in Canada ? Easy 10 Points! due to Mexico's recent SWINE FLU Outbreak?
swine flu at my childs school what would you do ?
back trouble - could it be my mattress that's making me suffer?
OMG. Im so badly freaking out someone PLEASE HELP ME (my teeth)?
how do i break my own wrist?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is cuttin your wrist a good way to die ?
has anybody over here had laser eye surgery?
buying glasses. whats the deal?
Questions eye lid piercing?
do I NEED glasses Really folks?
Do you think i need glasses?
Contact Lenses?
what happens if you need your appendix taken out?
What is SO bad about swine flu?
Swine Flu?? Are you that easily paniced?
how can i get rid of my sore throat?
is swine flu a deadly disease?
How can i cure my boredom?
Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent Migraines?
My neighbor's cat scratched me! Possible HIV seroconversion?!?
Should I get the Swine Flu shot?
what do you do if you think you have munchausen syndrome?
where are my glasses?
What's the difference between an optometrist and an opthalmologist?
I took 30 oxycodone pills from the medicine cabinet. what should i do?
Dry Scalp! agghh?
what is the best cure for chapped lips?
Could I have swine flu?
Can you get just the regular flu vaccine this year by itself.?
My friend stepped on a knife and his foot got cut open and he can see his bone and his veins! What do I do?
can someone tell me about low blood sugar?
In singapore swine flu cases reached up to 126,is it safe to travel there now for holiday?
swine flue shot swine flue?
does it sound like i have the swine flu?
What's the name for when your eyes shake while you sleep?
i want to learn to be bulimic...?
I'm blood group 'O' is taht good or bad>?
I really want to get my tongue pierced..I'm just worried about the pain and swelling..?
I've got period pain but I can't find my hot water bottle.?
what can i take in place of tylenol?
KILLER HEADACHE!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
would i have damaged my eyes?
why is there a breast cancer awarness month but not a testicular one?
my hip goes numb when i sit down only?
Something wrong with my jaw...?
What would happen if a person were to drink bleach?
Pins and Needles?
is it dangerous to put hand sanitizer?