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What do Dreams Mean?
Are you suppose to stretch before, or after a workout?
Can you become allergic to a cat after 6 years of having it?
What is the best and cheapest way to treat a muscle aches in my thighs?
What is the best treatment for dry, damaged lips?
Is it okay if my body temperature is 97.6ºF ?
How can I control my temper?
Do people really need 3 meals a day?
How can I minimize the appearance of a facial injury?
How to get rid of armpit hair?
How much water should I drink every day?
What is the fastest way to get rid of a natural tan?
How do you get a decent nights sleep?
I am ready to quit smoking. How do I convince my husband to do it with me?
I create fantasy lifes in my head?
How do you quickly, naturally improve eye sight?
Is my daughter fat?
Why do mosquitoes like some people [like me] more than others?
Is there a healthy way to fast?
Have this ever happened to you?
What do i do to increase my height?
Why is it that counting sheep helps you to go to sleep? I count them jumping a farm fence...?
Anyone have any tips on how they gave up smoking without the use of patches or tablets.?
FAT people, should the be forced to loose weight before NHS treatment?
Help, please.?
What is the best medicine for common cold?
I walk to work every day, at the age of 33, some people find this strange, does anyone else walk to work?
How can I always look at the bright side of life?
Do squats work the same muscles as the leg press?
How can I lose my tummy without crunches or situps?
Who is to blame for obesity?
What are your suggestions for encouraging Canada's kids to be more physically active?
What is the best way to lose weight?
How do you improve your memory naturally?
Will you loose weight with exercise alone?
I've been acting really strange lately...Help?
I used to take drugs and now can't forgive myself?
HELP! I need remedy for itchy skin?
Is there some thing wrong with me or...?
I started bleeding from my mouth when I was purging, should I be nervous?
Has anyone heard of Tiger Balm and knows what it is used for?
What is the number of aging population in US and then specifically for Florida?
How can i quit smoking?
Feeling ill and feeling guilty!?
What is a good way to maintain a healthy immune system?
Does anyone know about a pulse rate being different in both arms? I thought it was suppose to be the same?
How do I motivate myself to stay active and go to the gym?
Has anyone gotten over panic attacks and social anxiety?
Am I fat? (PIC)?
How many caffinated beverages should we drink a day?
What is considered a normal blood sugar level?
How Tall Do You Think I'll Be??
My tooth hurts bad please help?
What's the best toothpaste, for coffee drinkers?
Does it matter if u eat alot, but then go excercise.?
I just dropped my toothbrush down the toilet (which was "full" at the time), will a rinse off be enough?
Is cardio more effective earlier in the morning?
Diagnose me....... Please!!!!!!!!!?
What measures can I take to prevent shin splints? Vitamins? Stretching?
Whare is the best place to do it???kitchen or front room??
How do you control stress?
How long do cravings last after Quitting Smoking?
Does the type of food we eat contribute to anger or aggression?
What's the fastest way to stop the flu and a good remedy for sore throat?
Has anyone found alcoholics anonymous useful?
What are you most afraid of?
What is the best shampoo for toddlers?
How do I become a vegetarian?
What's your favourite home remedy for beating a cold?
Am i fat??? PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Can Lasik surgery accomplish correction for both distance and near sightedness?
What is the main cause for heart attack?
What is the best way to stop smoking?
Is weed really a bad thing to smoke ??
Is this ok to lose some weight?
Faverblisters! UHG!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Guess how much I weigh! (Closest=10 points!)?
Suggest me some tips for growing tall?
How do you get rid of tartar?
Why do we need to sleep?
What are your tips for dealing with depression in the workplace?
Am I an alcoholic?
I need help staying motivated. What are your tips that help you?
Im 5"4" I weigh 97 lbs. is that over weight???
I didnt sleep for 24 ours and something really freaky happened to me....why????
What are your views on Overweight people?
Do I look fat?
What do you think of my weight?
How long does it take for a nose piercing to heal? They told me and I forgot... oOpZ?
I am 115 pounds how do i lose 15 pounds?
Girlz n Guyz i need your help!!!!?
What causes the white, half moon looking things at the base of your fingernails to appear and disappear?
Does yoga really help?? if yes then as an engineering student how much time should i devote to it??
How can i do the aerobic part of my training without losing muscle?
Do you always sleep ?
Am i fat???????
Can We Take Fruits in breakfast? If so Which fruits are good to Have?
I am a girl,im 13 years old,and i weigh 130lbs,i am also 5'8 am i over weight?
How do I heal a muscle inflamation in my lower back?
Best over-the-counter medication for poison ivy?
Would you rather be anorexic or obese?
What is the best and fastest way to quit smoking?
I had my navel pierced 3 weeks ago, is it meant to puss?
Why aren't u sleeping?
Is it bad to repeatedly pop your joints? ?
Why is nutrition such an important issue globally?
What are your worst habits, honestly?
Two words to keep me going through a tough day!!!!!!!!?
Why do people eat over 300grams of protein is healthy?
Am i fat???
Getting braces soon and need to know what to do?
¿How often do u take showers and wash ur hair?
800 calorie diet?
What is the best cure for stress and depression ?
I need 2 lose weight i have 2 weeks i need a FREE way to lose 12lbs in 2 weeks please help.?
Is it stupid to cut yourself?
How will i be sure not to do drugs in high school?
Do you sneeze with your eyes open or closed??
Am i fat... idk?
Why do we get hiccups?
How much weight should i lose?? (pics)?
I dont no what to do SUICIDE or not?
Are twinkies a healthy snack?
I need some help?
Who believes Hillary Clinton cares what we think about the health care crisis?
I am soooo cold please help?
My mom died and I'm having a hard time dealing with it. Ways to cope???
What is this feeling of emptiness I've been experiencing for so long?
Is it ok to eat ketchup with scrambled eggs?
I think i look too skinny- do you?
How do i stop my wife snoring without going to jail?
Scared i'll never be happy in this world/life?
Can anybody say something good?
How to lose weight in 45 days?
Will I die if I take Ecstasy? i'm a female 235lbs?
Whats your phobia?
Have I Lost Any Weight ?
Am i Fatt?
Suicide. . .?
Are you afraid of dying?
How do people deal with a fear of death?
How to remove age spots?
"should I stop wearing diapers?
Is 115 pounds fat?
Do you sleep with one or two pillows under your head?
My boyfriend says im fat. I am 5'7 and 102lbs. Should I lose weight?
My step-dad just touched me....help!?
Have you ever used crest whitestrips?
Am I overweight???
I want to die?
How much water should a person drink per day?
Am i TOO underweight?
What kind of milk do you drink??
Is there a more gentle alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide?
Tell the truth r u fat?
Have you ever sat alone and cried in despair?
Can anyone give me a good reason to continue with life?
Whats the worst pain ever?
What are the symptoms that usually distinguish a headache from a migraine?
Can you read this?
Am I overweight? I keep getting different answers and different weights I should be??
My friend called me fat?
What's the way out of loneliness?
Why does depression have a stigma attached .....?
Give me a reason to live?
How old are you?
Can a straight male get STD's?
AM I FAt???
How can i gain weight?
What color would you say my eyes are?
So-tox, where can i buy it?
Am i Fat? Please answer!?
I need a good reason to be alive?
How do you wish to Die?
Mark, age 3, is having his yearly health examination. His mom rather proudly, tells you that Mark eat's one
My blood pressure is 169 over 95 is this very high?
Is your belly button an "innie" or and "outie?"?
Hi i weight 240 and i am 17 how can i loss weight?
Has anyone read or heard on the news about the 42 stone woman?
Is it normal for a 11 year old to weight 480 lbs. at the height of 4' 9"?
Ok i need an eccuse for my hickey?
I have most things?
What are the worst foods to avoid when dieting?
Am i too skinny??
Whats the best way to get some sleep when you have a tickly cough?
What do you think of smokers?
Hase any one got trouble with a bad temper?
If you smoke weed, does your brain cells grow back?
Am I fat? Is my stomach big?
Currently I bath twice a year, whether I need to or not - is this excessive?
Hwo can i get skinny without not eating?
Does anyone else find listening to rain really relaxing?
Is drinking Coca-Cola everyday bad for you?
Why does my tummy get bigger & bigger even thou I ceased eating rice at night?
Do you think I'm fat?
Why is it easier to gain WEIGHT than to loose it?
I feel very sad:(?
How do you get to sleep?
Why men always think they are smarter than women?
What time do you normally go to bed?
Whats the cure for Hicups?
What is the easiest way to fall asleep?
Should I have a bath?
Give me reasons to quit smoking?
Could I get aids from drinking blood?
This is wierd, Can you do this?
I weigh about 223 pounds how can I lose 43 pounds in 4 weeks?
Can someone help me find a good pillow?
Should I go anorexic?
Suicide or not?
Should i brush my teeth everyday if i have braces??
Need people who will be honest...?
My chest hurts and i been bleading blood from my mouth for 6 hours what do i do?
What do you think happens after suicide?
How do you deal with thoughts of suicide?
I need to take a drug test in 2 days. I'm a heavy marijuana smoker. Any suggestions on how I can pass?
Are people really that gullible?
Does anyone else pull out their hair?
How do I whiten teeth with peroxide?
What if the judge forgot to write down you were suppose to be on house arrest?
Im 13 and I weigh 122 lbs. and im 5foot. Am i over weight?
Should a 12 year old take diet pills???
Do you know how clean your drinking water is?
Why do we itch?!?
Are you tall or short?
What should I have for breakfast that not fattening?
What is the best way to cure a hang-over?
Does making yourself sick after a meal help you loose weight?
I am thinking about suicide...help?
Whats the best way to die?
If you acheive only ONE dream before you die, what would you want it to be?
What do you do when your feeling low?
Drink 4-7 diet cokes a day. am i going to die?
My urine colour is almost clear. (ie not yellowish),. Is this normal ? Thanks?
Plzz answer.Is it important to apologize when we do something wrong?
I'm Just So Happy!!! Want to share.?
My boyfriend keeps stabbing me with a pencil...is this normal??
Am I Fat?????
One word response to this. Size 00?
How do I lose weight for a wedding in 54 days, I am the Matron of Honor?
Are eggs good or bad for you?
How can I lose 50 or more pounds in 1 month?
I'm 15 and 5'8" tall. Is that really tall for my age?!?
Forms of self harm?
Gimme another word for a fart!?
Should fat people be allowed to go to the pool?
Does the pain ever go away?
I have really itchy testicals... please help.?
Why do I find it so hard to drink water?
Does it make me gay if...?
Need Help Losing Weight and Keeping it Off?!?!?
Do you think I am fat???
Why cant you people answer a serious question?
Prevent a Hangover?
Do you think you are fat?
What do you think of fat people?
I saw a really scary movie and now i'm a wreck. What do I do?
Ive been getting headaches (front part of my head) eversince some 1 bashed my head into a wall about 15 times?
How can Cheese Pizza be that bad for you?
What is a good healthy snack to eat in the middle of the day?
What's the color of your eyes?
What's your height, weight and age?
Has anyone got any natural ways to get rid of coldsores :(?
Can people die from alcohol poisioning?
OMG! I just ate a huge bag of potato chips! What should I do?
Would you turn in your own sister if she was abusing her children?
Is it best to hold back vomit or let it come up?
Help! How can I stop drinking Alcohol?
Are there any side effects of being stupid?
OMG! I cut my leg off! WHAT DO I DO???
What's your most impressive scar?? how did you get it???
What was the last thing that scared you?
What are your initials??
Fat or thin?
How can i quit cigarrettes?
Is this bad?
HELP I ate pinto beans and now have horrible gas, how can I get rid of this? Please don't laugh!!?
Help i have worms?
IS it safe to eat nail polish?
Why do people keep smoking if they know it's KILLING them???
Dads funeral at 2pm how do i keep it together?
My mom dosent like me.Is it my fault?
How can i be happy ??
Be honest... Do you think I'm big for my age?
I am to skiny at least that is what my family says?
What should i do if my gf's puking?
Lose weight please help me.
I am too fat?
Whats the point of life?
Is 5'8 a bad hight for a girl?
What causes hearing loss?
When you open a bag of chips, how much do you eat?
Can you wish me a Happy Birthday please?
Whats the best cure for a hangover?
How do i lose weight without working out or dieting??
Do you think I'm fat?
Does anyone else find it scary when they think 'one day im going to die ?'?
Am I fat??????
What to do when ur scared a beaten everyday but no one believes u?
Acne(easy ten points for best answer)?
Fat people are disgusting and selfish...?
I'm 19 years old and I do nothing but smoke weed all day, is that bad for me?
Should fat people be allowed to wear thongs?
Does anybody can give an idea on how to fight stress?
Does this sound like a fat girl?
Dropping out of school?
Is marijuana really that damaging as people say?
Tips on giving up smoking cold turkey style?
What can i do to take my mind off food?
Is it possible to lose weight without exercising?
How do i gain weight ?
Why do people continue to SMOKE, despite all the HEALTH warnings???
I'm 5'1 and 96 lbs how do i lose weight?
Should i use steriods...?
Why are some people more shy than others?
Am i fat? how much do you think i weigh?
I have a drug problem?
What color EYES do you like best?
I weigh 107 & im 17?
Hey am I overweight?
Why is it that when you have everything, you can still be depressed?
Am I too white?(seriously)?
My Daughter has worms Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What IS the worst PAIN you have EVER felt???
How much weight can you lose if u eat 100 calories per day?
How many hours sleep do YOU (personally) need to be at your best through the day?
If you notice a person what do you see first?
What is a famous cure for hickups?
Is there anything worst than death?
I am a 53 year old woman who throws up my food after every supper. I've been doing this for a month to lose
Im 16 years old. Is wrong/weird for a kid my age to be attracted to women who are 35 to 55 years old?
What would you rather have, youth or wisdom?
Do you agree that alcoohol is more dangerous than marijuana?
Ok im 12 and i smoke?
Can anyone tell me a good reason to stay alive?
Will wearing a very heavy backpack make u stay shorter?
Why do people with cancer often lose their hair?
I'm 5'7 122 pounds... is this a good weight???
What is your best cure for cold and flu symptoms?
Do you think I eat a lot?
I want to quit smoking but I always seem to fail! Does anybody have any tips?
I Need To Give Myself a Bruise?
Am I fat? Plz Be honest?
My girlfriend wants to keep the baby... What should I do?
Today is the first day of the rest of my life?
Can suicide ever be a rationally considered logical alternative...?
What is a good snack to eat that doesn't make you fat even if you eat a lot of it?
Is 150 lbs healthy for a 12 year old girl?
What color should your urine be?
Is 14 too young?
What are dental options for the uninsured?
Why do we yawn?
I know i have an eating disorder- who should i tell??
Do you think i'm fat? picture inside?
My weight...ideal ? underweight ? overweight ?
What is the ideal amount of sleep for a nap?
I am addicted to pepsi what can i do?
I get pleasure out of hurting animals? Is that wrong?
Whats the worst pain youve ever been in??
What are your thoughts on people who don't wash their hands after using a toilet?
Am I overweight?
What are some CARDIO things i can do to burn mega fat?
Is it me or is life really hard.?
Is someone who drinks at least a twelve pack of beer a day an alcoholic?
My teacher called me fat..?
What is the most relaxing thing in the world in your opinion????
I called upon the Lord to save me from my depression, but he hasn't. Why not?
Uhh...Hot or Cold showers??
God! I'm fat! Help!?
AM i FAT =( ?
How many times a day are u supposed to brush your teeth?
How can i give up smoking. no wise cracks please?
How many calories should i eat daily to lose weight?
What do you do when you don't feel good about yourself?
Do you answer the questioners that say they want to kill themselves or shy away?
Is it gross that i only brush my teeth once every 10 days?
What does it mean when it burns while urinating?
Will smoking weed cause any problems?
How much weight should i lose(pic)?
Should i go to school tomorow? ( i have a cold)?
If you dont eat for a week can you drop a dress size?
How do i minimise my eye bags without surgery n applying any form of cream?
Do you think 13 is too young to be working out?
I think im depressed but dont want to take meds?
Have I failed at life? (honest answers only)?
Do You Think About Suicide ?
HELP!!!! I'M BADLY SUNBURNT! What can I do to get rid of the pain?
Does it hurt to get teeth pulled?
What if your 102 pounds and you lose 50 pounds is that good or bad?
What's the quickest way to off yourself?
What are you addicted to, not necessarily drugs, that you think you can't live without?
Losing weight HELP?!?
Is it ever to late to get braces?
My best best best friend died. Please read.?
Im 12 and im 130lbs How can I lose weight over summer w/o money? and lose 20lbs.?
I weigh 36 stone, I want to go swimming at the local pool, but will people laugh at me? call me a whale?
Help please. Someone is trying to hurt me!?
I have a massive headache and neck pain, is there any medicine you recommend for it?
Is 107lbs ok for someone who is 5'8 ?
I just had my legs and arms amputated in the hospital this morning. what will i do....?
How much longer do i have to live by my parents rules??
Is cutting yourself really that bad???
I have a very strange, kind of sick secret. is this realy a bad thing?
Is marijuana bad for your health?
I am ready to kill myself?
If i find white small worms up my bum what does that mean i have ?
If you punch an arm or leg hard enough, could it break?
What do you miss about your childhood?
I puched a wall yesterday(girlfrind problems)?
Does smoking weed make you lose weight?
Whats the best cure for a hangover?
Am I fat/overweight?
Am i fat cause I'm 14 and i weigh 85 pounds.... please help!!?
My dog just got sprayed by a skunk.?
How can i weigh 90 lbs?
How long does it take your body to adjust to drinking more water?
How can you give yourself a hickie on your neck?
Is It Bad oF me to smoke pot?
I'm 13 and weigh about 125 pounds. I'm 5'4'' and 1/2. Do I weigh too much?
Should i sell my daughters Hockey Sticks on ebay because she is fat?
Does smoking help you lose weight?
Anorexia? How do they do it?
Would i look weird if i went jogging at 12 am???
What's the secret of happiness?
VERY bad habit...help please!?
I'm 19 and I still watch Telitubies.What is wrong with me?
Am i chubby? pics.?
Why can't i stop skipping classes?
Which isthe largest organ of human body?
How much weight will i lose if i don't eat anything for 30 days?
I can't sleep.. HELP!!?
What causes lice?
Why live, even though we will all die?
Im feeling weird....please help!!!please!!?
Can u wear a tapon at the age at 11?
What or who made you laugh this week?
What is the difference between DWI and DUI?
I want to learn to be bulimic...?
14 and depressed?
Can AIDS be transferred through sharing a drink?
Would it be dangerous for me to take xanax with ecstasy?
Can i get lung cancer if i smoke weed?
Does is hurt getting your teeth cleaned?
I smoke a pack a day of ciggarettes, is that bad?
Have you ever had the kind of day where you want to stay inside the house and not face the world at all?
Is it unhealthy to work 7 days a week?
Do I look anorexic? How much do you think I weigh?
Least evil..smoking or drinking ?? only one choice !!!!?
Anyone know any good, helpfull tips on getting to sleep?
Is it possible to drink so much water that you die?
I hugged my mom this morning.. can i get AIDS from this?
When you brush your teeth...?
What do you do when you feel fat and ugly?
Poll: Do you like your body?
I Need to Die?
Give me one good reason as to why i shouldnt end my life?
Your opinions on suicide?
How many times a week do you do it?
Should children be given the choice to keep head lice or not?
Am i considered overweight?
How Much Do You Think I Weigh??
Does scratching spread hives?
Am i overweight? fat???
Which is worse ciggs or old marj jane ?
What is the key to happiness?
OMG! I totally need your help!!!!?
I felt depressed so i just ate 6 bags of crisps. now i feel even worse because mega CALORIES. what shall i do?
What do you do if you feel like throwing up?
Should i tell someone ?
What are some foods that can make u gain weight?
Is it possible to be allergic to marijuana smoking?
Are you a smoker or not?
Committing Suicide?
Should fat girls be allowed on the beach......?
Fat? please be honest.?
Am i crazy?
I'm a drug addict. How can I stop?
What diseases/sicknesses can you get by kissing someone?
I know this is kinda a stupid question but.... can u help me?
I'm 21yrs..108Lbs and 5'3" is that beinf too fat?
I am 5'7, and I have no confidence in myself because I am too tall...what do I do to feel good about myself
I think I am having a heart attack right now. What should I do?
Suicide methods?
Is your second toe longer than your big toe??
Is this unhealthy? Am i really killing myself?
It's embarrassing... ?
What do i do I stepped on 2 rusty nails?
Is it illegal to commit suicide?
What do you do when your mad?
Plz help, my backpack is getting tooooo heavy, my neck and back are really hurting, plz help me!?
Should i go to dentist???
Am i honestly ugly???
Am i too skinny?
How much does it look like I weigh?
Exactly WHY is soda bad for you?
Is she fat?
What do you Love about life?
Have you got Alzeimer's - try this test - it's wicked!!?
What food is good when sick?
How do i quit smoking?
Is it because I am fat?
If you could stay any age for the rest of your life, what age would it be?
Am i anorexic?
My friend is turning into a huge sl*t and is doing drugs. I'm trying to make hers top but nothing is working!
I Need A Cigarette But My Mum Says If She Smells Smoke On Me Again Im Grounded, How Could I Have One?
Why do some people not believe in taking medicatioin?
Whats the best thing to help heal a black eye?
How do you pass a drug test for marijuana in 24 hours?
I'm 15 and I'm pregnant - what am I going to to???
At thirteen how many push ups should i be able to do?
Im 5'11 and weigh 110 should i lose weight?
I want a really awesome scar...If I cut myself in the shape of a star would it leave a star shaped scar?
Why does my teeth have blue mold on them?
Hangover cure?
Which moment in history will you or do you remember that shocked you the most?
Can people live with out a liver?
Do I need Braces!!?? HELP!?
I am a victim of rape. I have lived with the guilt for about 6 months. Is there ne way I can get over it fast?
What do broken ribs feel like?
Why am I Fat when I don't eat very much?
What is a good way to loose 15lbs?
I am suffering from depression just lately. Please Help?
Is their any correct way to tell my wife to lose weight?
Im gonna die?
My New Girlfriend is an Alcoholic! What should I do?
Is anyone else scared to die?
I am 15, how many hours do i need to sleep a night?
Does wearing eyeglasses and braces makes you a geek, nerd or whatever?
How do women sleep?
Do you think I am fat?
I feat that i am going to hell?
A course of antibiotics...Do u need to take the rest if u feel better after 2 days?
I am seriously depressed, I do not want to live another moment. What can I do? Everything hurts?
What is the fastest way to fall asleep? (without using pills)?
I want to loose some weight! PLEASE HELP MEHH!?
Is losing 15 pounds in two months realistic?
Am i overweight?
Whats the worse thing you.ve ever eaten?
How to GAIN weight fast!!?
Is this normal?
How many broken bones have you had?
How much do you weigh?
If I were to smoke Marijuana tonite, would I be ok to take a test on Tuesday?
Fat? (picture included)?
What is your favourite eye colour?
Weight loss HELP! 10 points.. easy?
What do you do if when your toes get cold at night?
How do you feel about overweight people??
What is the unhealthiest thing you can eat?
How can I gain weight??
Drinking 8 glass of water, is good/day for health & bad for bladder? as no clinical report or logic available?
EXTREME EMERGENCY i might die pls help?
What would you do if you got called fat?
How come people kill cats for the fun of it?
I am overweight and I have no energy what do I do to get back into shape?
Is it okay for a teen to feel depressed?
Is it bad to occasionally smoke?
What's wrong with my sister?
Does smoking make a person look older?
My boyfriend thinks im pregnant, i know im not. should i tell him the truth?
Who Sleeps Naked?
Can you help me?how can i get rid of blackness under my eyes...?
I want to cut myself NOW, what to do so I don't?
Do i have a problem or am i just weird?
Please do not judge me…?
I'm really really itchy help!!?
Whats the best cure for a hangover?
I weigh 115 is there a easy way fr me to lose 5 lbs. before school starts?
I'm feeling really depressed. Can anyone help me?
Why is everyone so overweight? It seems like everyone is carrying?
I have been smoking for 20 years, will my lungs recover if I quit ?
If a loved one died and had previously carried a donor card - would you object to his/her organs being taken?
How come when you sneeze, people say god bless you?
Normal for mom to call her kid this?
Sara wants to smoke ciggarettes, but i will not let her. the question is should i.?
I havent smoked weed for a month and a half, then i took 1 small hit of a joint last tuesday. positive test?
How Much Do You Think I Weigh?
What are early remedies for cold sores?
Why do we have dreams? Why are they so often crazy?
Does it hurt alot gettin ur wisdom teeth out?
What is the best time of day for jogging/biking for cardio fitness?
Is it inappropriate to tell your mate you had an STD in the past?
Has anyone heard of cutting? My sister who is 22 does it and she shows it off like it's a badge of honor..
I am soo scared?
I stuck a light bulb up my rectum. How should I get it out?
What is the best lesson u learned from life?
If you bite your toenails, will a foot grow in your stomache??
Is this girl fat...?
Im soooo deppressed!!! i cut myself and dont know wat to do!!!?
When is the perfect time to wake up?
Best toothpaste?
What does it mean about my personality, when writing i write in cursive and print in the same sentence or even
Can you get aids by touching ur blood to someone elses blood even if neither ppl have aids?
I lost weight and am happy but my bf wants me to get fatter. am i really too skinny?
Is it okay to sedate your kids for a night out?
I'm 14 and weigh 135lbs. How much weight do i need to lose???
If you cut yourself does that mean you have a mental illness?
I Hate Water but I Need to Drink More of it. Suggestions?
Doesn't cocaine make u lose weight?
Does deoderent give you cancer?
Can you get chicken pox more than once in your life?
Everything is wrong in my life!?
Is it right for a dude to be bulimic?
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... are there any doctors in the house?
Nose piercings What do you think?
What do you think when you see people who have braces?
I have a really itchy bug bite! im not sure what it is but i need help on how to make it stop itching!!!?
I'm eating about 400 calories a day should I EAT LESS?
Why do some people kill others before comitting suicide?
What home remedies are there for constipation?
Need to take i drug test next week.whats the fast-es way to clean my system?
Should i got see a docotor?
What is the cure of sadness ?
What do I need to eat to loss weight?
How can I beat the heat?
Would you say 5ft 6 is a good height for a girl.?
Have you ever been depressed?
I found 80 pink pills in my sons
I'm Skinny & Fat, At the Same Time! What Should I Do?
Am I too Fat?
I'm 13, 5'3 and 105 pounds...?
Can coca-cola be used to help whiten the teeth due to the high acidity it has?
Why are some people so keen to point out spelling errors and ridicule us at the same time?
Is anyone afraid of the dark?
I am desperate?
I'm thirteen and i think i have breast cancer! Help!?
I'm 13 and I am overweight, what should I do to lose weight without excersising so much?
How do you pass a drug test if you have smoked pot?
Can red bull help u loose weight?
What do you find most comforting when you're scared, sad, or otherwise upset?
Does glucosamine help your arthritis get better?
Does anyone else have this problem? Please help. No rude answers please!?
Anyone want to cheer me up?
This is an important question, it will decide on a very big problem which is quite personal. Yes Or No!?
I am 13 and I have been wetting the bed lately, my mom found out and told me i have to wear diapers?
What is the most accurate way to keep track of calorie intake?
My daughter, what can i do?
How much weight would a teenage girl lose, if she started smoking?
Should I get plastic surgery? *Pic?
Does anyone have any weird phobias?? - mine's balloons!!!?
Why dont fat people stop eating?instead of looking for excuses for there size.?
Am I too skinny, fat, or normal(easy 10 pts)?
What's the best way to mix up exercise routine?
I am 13 years old and i smoke. I know i need to quit! is nasty. but i dot know how to stop.i need help!?
If you need 5 fruits and vegetables a day are you saying you need 5 fruits and 5 vegetables? Or just 5 total?
If I eat fatty foods all the time, but I'm fit, is that bad for my body?
Can anyone answer this?????
I am insane, what are the chances of me going back to sane?
What do you do to cure a headache?
Have you ever considered suicide?
How Do I Gain weight?
Mosquito Bites??
I feel SO fat?
Can you guys please give me all your opinion on my weight?
What scares you the most?
On average...how many hours of sleep do you get a night?
Will my lungs go back to normal if I quit smoking right now?
Am i fat? tell the truth?
I am a fat girl?
What do you think of magazines in the bathroom?
What would happen if I only drank water?
I'm a 16 year old coffee addict?
I have extremely dry hands because I wash them at work all the time. I need a handcreme.?
Should marijuana be legalized?
I'm 5'3 and 410 lbs. is this an ok weight?
Is my sister fat????
Why am I Always Hungry?
WHAT are you afraid of?
Do You Think Crutches Could Be Fun?
How do i get fat?
Do You Think Anorexic Girls are hot?
Am i weird?
Do you like hamsters?
New tattoo today but I'm worried about hiv now.?
Is she too skinny?
Do you have any phobias?
Have you ever felt like you really needed a hug when you were home by yourself and there was no one around?
How much do you weigh? How tall are you? Whats your age?
Whats a good way to remove a splinter?
I want to die?
My fiancee snores?
How often should i change my face cloth and toothbrush?
Am I going crazy?
Do i need help to stop cutting?
Tips on being skinny?
I am 5'4 and weigh around 90 pounds am i way to skinny.?
My daughter 3 years old can't pronouce word properly, what should I do?
What is the best method of cleanicg marijuana out of your system. I don't need sarcasim?
Average weight for 12 year old girls?
Why am I so HOOKED on this CRAP?!?
How much sleep does a 15 year old need in a night?
Does anybody think it's weird that I have imaginary friends?
I am 6ft 1" 16 stones and as hard as nails .What are you?
What could this be???
How big a deal is a std?
What are some things young people should know about drugs?
I HAVE to be thin!?
I think I have a problem-?
No friends, never had relationship, anti-social, heavy depression, and miserable. 21 years old?
Christians (or anyone who won't diss my religion) - please help me - I am suicidal.?
How to ask the doctor if i have a depression issue? Im kinda nervous and embarresed what do ya think?
Im new at my school, 2 days in and im already being made fun of my weight?
If you could be invisilbe for 24 hrs. would you and why? I'm very serious with this question?
What is a golden shower?
What's your phobia?
How can I relieve stress?
I burnt my hand what can i do to make it feel better?
Am I fat??
Do You Eat McDonalds? Read The Details And Tell Me What You Think Of Still Eating Mcdonalds...?
What is normal?
Best sad songs to listen to while going through a breakup?
I am dieting how can i stop my hunger pains?
Aside from diet and exercise, what is the best way to lose weight?
Anyone want to wish me luck as im going into hospital next week.?
Should i brush my teeth right now?
My son eats about 3 - 4 peanut butter sandwiches a day, is there long term side effects of peanut butter?
Is it wrong to brush your teeth on the toilet killing two birds with one stone, time is precious?
Is it possible to lose 10 pounds within a month?
Do You Guys Think That I'm Weird?
Have you even smoked marijuana?
Why are smokers treated like second class citizens ? and also treated like children that need to be told off?
How do I lose weight quickly?
I'm kinda scared, is this serious? (its gross)?
What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
Is it cool to drink one can of Coca Cola everyday?
Do you think this is strange?
Am I To Young?
I want to take a picture of myself naked...?
Why am i not very smart?
Why are sweets like mars bars and snickers(marathen)getting smaller?
17 year old daughter?
If i drink only water for 7 days will i lose weight?
Does anyone know a good hang over cure?
Please help.. i'm feeling suicidal..?
Help i don't know what to do?
****How tall are u*****?
If i said oink, how owuld u reply?
Is it abnormal to eat paper?
Am I dying?
Is 5'5 considered petite?
Is this normal weight for a 12 year old?
How can i get rid of hicups?
How do u shut up a guy that constantly sings karaoke next door?
Is there something wrong with me?
Does anyone out there really wear a size zero?
Im Dying!!! Please Help!!!
HELP need this answered! is this wrong???
Why do some girls and guys make fun of heavy set people ?
Does a man have one less rib than a woman?
Is weed a good way to deal with stress?
Help please I need to sleep tonight?
I'm 17 years old and i'm overweight. Currently i weigh in at 260 lbs.Can anyone give me tips on losing weight?
What do you do if you're choking and you're alone?
What are you allergic to?
Why do brits have poor dental hygiene?
I am 5'2'' and i weigh 90 pounds?
What food acts like a laxative to your body.?
If i only eat 3 times a day, no snacks, and drink just water will i lose weight?
Every one! please answer!?
Are u scared of death?
Do i have a drug problem?
Why do people try to help complete strangers they meet on the Internet?
I have the hiccups right now... i tried drinking water but it wont help plz help me get rid of them?
Cutting !!!!!!!!?
I just want to call it quits and kill myself..........?
Is it OK for a 31 year old guy to still live at home with his parents?
Can being too upset about something make you physically sick?
I'm trying to think of a good way to mildly freak out random strangers, got any suggestions?
Will they find marijuana in my system if i take a pee test?
What would happen if you snort a Pixy Stick?
If you died tomorrow would you be happy?
HELP ME!! im on a diet and im about to eat a doughnut!!?
Cant sleep! havent slept in 4 days straight now.......help?
Am i overweight?
Why has my 15 year old daughter started smoking?
How can I stop myself from becoming severely depressed - help?!?
My weight please help im desperate?
I need help, I`m a person who eats when they are bored.?
What should i do to loose 60lb?
Is this supposed to happen?
Please do not ansswer this question...?
Am i fat or am i healthy?
If you could describe depression in one word, what would it be?
Can vegitarions eat fish and/or chicken?
Aids from kissing?
If you were to fall asleep tonight and never wake up...?
Anybody elses second toe longer than their big toe?
I need to loose 2 lbs by friday morning for my physical? any serious suggestions?
When you get up really fast do you ever feel like passing out?
Is anorexia the right thing?
No hope left.. What do I do now?
Should i call off from work tonite?
H E L P.... my wife has had a nasty accident in the kitchen?
What brand and colour is your toothbrush?
How do get rid of bad breath?????
Right now i want to die?
Hi this is really weird question bare with me?
What would happen if two bipolar people had children?
POLL: When did you last go to the Gym ?
Please help me 10 points, whats wrong with me!?
I am angry all the time. What can help?
Be honest...how many of you DON'T brush your teeth before going to bed?
Is smoking weed bad?
What's your best excuse for your cuts?
Am I overweight?
My doctor wants me to lose weight but she didn't really give me any suggestions. Where should I start?
Blood sugar 474 is that high?
Is diet soda still bad for you even though it has no sugar and no calories?
How Can I Get Myself To Get Out Of Bed?
Do you wear glasses, contact lenses, both or neither?
Am I to Skinny?
Are we all going to die?
How much weight do I need to loose to look really skinny?
Is my weight and height okay for my age?
When you go to the doctors and have to pee in a cup can they find out if u have used drugs?
Do you believe that terminally ill people should be allowed to choose when they die?
What is the fastest way to quit smoking?
Have you had a wisdom tooth removed? Did it hurt much?
What should I drink or do to make my sleepiness go away?
Do you think that Yahoo is Making a statement by featuring Hilary Clinton Question?
I think my girlfriend's been cutting herself?
Is it wrong to hit mentally challenged children?
Besides alcohol is there anything legal and available that can give you a nice feeling?
How long does a knee replacement takes to heal?
How can I lose wieght without physical exercises?
Have you ever been in so much pain you have cried?
Ok, I'm not overweight, but do you think i'm fat?
How long does marijuana stay in your system?
Suicidal thoughts...?
How unhealthy is chinese food?
What's the stupidest injury you ever self-induced (by accident)?
Why do humans fart?
I don't known what to do...?
PLEASE HELP ME and read .......???
Does anyone like liver?
Whats the best way to help tone up tummy muscles to get a firmer tum?
Will every one who belives pray for me?
I can't wake up early. Any ideas.?
Girls only!!! Do you mind if a guy looks at your toenails?
My boyfriend just smoked crack last weekend. He is a recovering addict. What do I do now?
Whats the best way to lose 2 in./ 10 lbs in 5 weeks?
How to get out of school?
How do I force myself to go to the gym more?
Any good hangover cures please??!!?
Any suggestions on how to deal with stress?
My biceps are sore should i still workout today?
Why is canabis illegal .................?
Do you brush your teeth first or have breakfast first?
Can my partner catch chicken pox from my daughter?
What do you call it when a fat woman has a belly that hangs low between her legs?
When i pee its always really dark in coulour and has a strong odour .help?
How many Americans are born dumb?
I'm fat, short and ugly. help me?
Is it ok for me too run 1 hour a day im only 14?
Sore, dry lips? How can I get rid of it?
HELP! My foot got so burnt in the sun that now it's swollen. Should I see a doctor about it?
Could I die?
How can i get rid of my acne???i am 13 years old and have tryed like EVERYTHING!!! HHHHHEEEEELLLLLPP!?
Aside from the armpit,what other body parts do we use the thermometer in finding the temperature of our body p
If i appeared naked on your bed what would you do?
Are you supose to throw away your toothbrush after so many times?
How can I alleviate lower back pain?
How do I know that this is real? I could ask a question and its just a super computer answering me?
Am I fat?I am 180 pounds. Look at that picture.?
Would you want to live forever?
Have you ever done weight watchers? How did it work for you?
I've just cut my arm off. What should I do?
Is my height and weight regular for my age?
Am i fatt or average???
Am I overweight?
How can I stop getting blisters on my feet????
Will I have gynecological problems(i.e. not be able to have children) if I walk barefoot and my feet are cold?
What makes you mad?
Why is chickenpox more dangerous in adults than in chldren?
What do you do to shake off unpleasant thoughts?
What gives you a headache?
I'm 13 and I don't get as much exercises as I should. Any advice?
How can i lose 20 ponds in one week????????
Is sleeping with headphones/earphones on bad?
AM I A FAT PERSON?..if so what can i do about it?
How can I get someones fever down without medicine. They have a fever of 100!?
I cut myself. Again!?
What is the purpose of eyebrows?
Is it wrong to feel happy all the time?
How can i stop smoking?
How can a 13 year old girl loose 10lb. in 2 weeks?
I am going through a lot and Thinking of Suicide. What should I do?
Help ive cut myself and i feel like cutting myself again how do i stop thinking about it?
When I got out of bed this morning my NOSE fell off, what could be the cause of this?
Is Milk really cows blood?
Why do i smell bad?? even though i bath once a month?
How to stop braces from hurting? I just got them today?
Am i fat?
How can i lose twenty pounds in two days?
Ugh! I feel like crying?
What do you think about cannabais smoking?
Is smoking weed bad for you?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
My little sister cut eye and we are alone in the house!!?
Embarassing question. help?
What happens when you die?
I am drinking insane ammounts of everything recently, but im still thirsty no matter what. Anyone know why?
If everyone knows cigarettes are bad, and that the people who make them shold be sued, then why do they keep??
I cry for no reason?
Why are teens skinny despite eating tons of fast food and other junk?
Why am i always hungry after dinner?
Whats the longest you'v went without sleep?
I am 5'10 135 lbs 34-28-39 measurements - good or bad?
If a cookie contains 110 calories and you cut it in half do you consume HALF the calories??
If i eat about 600-800 calories a day..?
Do u think they will put me in a mental hospital?
Do I have a drinking problem?
I weigh 340 pounds. I have been trying to lose weight for a while. Can someone give me tips on doing so?
Were are the prettiest women in the world?
Never smoked before, but I have a sudden urge to try it?
How can i get my husband to quit smoking?
My face is peeling horribly from bad sunburn - any suggestions on how to even out my complexion????
To tan or not to tan that is the question?
What are some natural laxatives?
When did you last go to the Dentist?
It`s my birthay tommorow???
What do you do to de-stress?
What is the best way to cope with bipolar disorder?
Is it considered rape if the guy that likes you is 3 years older than you.?
What is the easiest and least painful way to break your thumb?
How do you get fat?
Do you fear death?
Are you fat if youre 5'4 16 and 125 ibs?
Plz i dont know if im fat or not?
My partner has really bad breath?
Im trying to gain weight, any advice??
I was telling a female friend this story and she started screaming, "TMI! TMI"I? What does TMI mean?
How can i get sick quick ?
Do blood tests hurt?
Am I killing myself? Not enough calories, too much diet soda?
Do retainers hurt?
Smoking Marijuana...HABIT or ADDICTION??
How bad to root canals hurt?
What do you do when your spooked and alone?
How to avoid sleeping in class?
Do you brush your teeth BEFORE or AFTER you breakfast?
How do i get over my fear of death?
Is depression deadly?
Whats a way to lose 50lb in 5 months?
How is life 4 people out there?
How can I stop drinking alcohol????
Is 96 lbs fat for a 12 year old????
Sick!! should i go to work?
There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis!?
Should the state lower the drinking age?
Is cutting safe?
Is it possible to eat 100 cookies in 100 minutes?????
If your bathroom scale could talk, what would it say?
Why do i wake up in the morning...?
Am i over weight?
Im a rape victim, what can i do?
Do black people get sunburnt?
Does not doing excersise make you fat?
Does you think he's good looking?
Please help i am becoming an alcoholic how do i stop!?
I'm so scared?!?
If someone eats 1/2 bag of carrots will they turn orange?
What's the worst pain you have experienced?
What happens if i cut soda out of my diet and just drink lots of water?
What excuse can i tell my manager that i'm off ill today?
When you are depressed, what do you do to feel better?
Do I have a eating disorder?
What is the cause of urinating more one is suppose to, like 3 times in one hour?
Okay really embarasing.................. can't help it...
What can I eat for a sore throat?
What's Bipolar Disorder?
After you use mouthwash are you suppose to wash your mouth out with water?
Does anyone know a good, fast way to get rid of a sunburn?
Does eating too much ice give a person cancer?
How can I learn to control my anger?
How old were tou when you stopped beleiving in santa?
I was raped by my bf best friend but im scrd to tell my bf cuz he might do somin crazy?
Why do people smoke cigarettes?
Is it better to smoke or not?
Is 110 pounds at 5'1 3/4 at 15 years old a bit underweight?
How can i lose 100 lbs in 3 weeks?
When you wake up, should you eat before or after you brush your teeth?
Stretch Marks? I'm 14!?
I am 17 and weigh 100 and 5'4" am i too thin?