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Can being too upset about something make you physically sick?
I'm just wondering... I've been really upset about a lot of things lately. And the past few days I've been feeling really sick, along with feeling kind of depressed. So, is that normal?

Satan's Sidekick
I guess that it could happen. My remedy for that is 114 proof Old Grand Dad on the rocks. I don't recommend it for everyone but it works for me. Don't let ANYTHING upset you enough to make you sick. Life is too short for that.

Absolutely. If you can't help yourself out of this rut, I'd try to talk to a therapist, counselor, etc. I went through the same thing, got help, and am sooo much better.

Yes it can.When I was younger,i would get upset each time my parents would go out to drink,and during that time,it would upset me so much that i would start to have stomachaches and headaches.

Our body does that when we are under stress or when we are upset,it's normal.

Any illness that has physical symptoms, but has the mind and emotions as its origin is called a psychosomatic illness. Although you may be told that it's "all in your head", these illnesses are not imaginary. The aches and pains are very real, but because your doctor is looking for an actual physical cause, they are very tricky to diagnose and treat. The key is to look for a source of stress in the person's life that the person is not coping with. By treating the underlying stress and depression, it may be possible to heal the physical problems as well.

Rainbow Oktober '76
Scooter has a point!
Plus, it has happened to me quite often before. Even to the point where I'm too fatigued to do the things I like, and struggle doing what I need to do!

Yes, anxiety or stress or depression.. can make you physically ill. Usually stomach (GI) problems...

ricki c
yes,depression,stress,any type of of everyday stressors can cause a person to get physically and even emotionally sick.Maybe you can distract yourself from the stressor,which might be triggering this,take some time out for you,it will help your mind and body feel a lot more at peace.

yeah, one time i was really depressed, like truly haha and then i got pneumonia, but i dont think it could get you THAT sick, i was probably going to get pneumonia before i even felt depressed lol.

yup, it sure can. it happened to me when i found out my ex-girlfriend was cheating on me when we were dating.
if you need to get anything off your chest, like vent or something, feel free to email me or something.

if it has anything to do with a bf or something, then try to get him out of your mind, if you find yourself thinking about whatever it is your worrying about, then think about something else, just think happy, it kinda worked for me.

if you still cant get better in a few days, then id talk to a counselor, your parents, or a doctor, who knows; you might even get some "happy pills" ;)

proud mommy of four
absolutely happens to me whenever i am upset,its more anxiety for me let your doctor know,excersize,and eat right everday,focus on the things you love, and keep yourself busy doing those things you love,I hear vitamins can help too.

yeah. every time i am under stress or i have to preform in my public speaking class i become nauseous.

Yes it can, happens to me all the time

yes it can. It can cause you to have nausea and migraines, and have difficulty breathing...
your mental state and your physical wellbeing are actually very closely intertwined.

♥Strength and Perseverance♥
Yes. Whenever I'm upset or stressed out I get physically sick. It's normal.

yeah i think so...i think thats how the bolimic and anorexic thing starts...

Everyones different but I can tell ya I sure can and have each day for the past 2 months
Dont see it ending anytime soon, but im sure it will. If not then ill have to see Kavorkian or somethin'. Stuffs bad, like being so wound up and confused that I cant get to sleep, cant eat, when I get to sleep I wake up with a nightmare 2-3 hours later and so on. Its catching up to me now and im not sure what to do or what I will do next...

yeah et does;;

stress doess alot of strange things to yr body
like making yew physiclly sick

AsUwish !
Yes, your mood and stress level can greatly influence your health

bill k
Absolutely, the mind is a very powerful thing. Even though they say that grief is a normal and healthy thing it does not feel good. I guess that it works in a cathartic way.
Whatever is on your mind- If you can change it for the better, do it. If you can't, accept it and go on.
Take some comfort in the support and affection this whole group shows you.

Sabine É
OH yes me. If I get too upset I get stomach problems and use the toilet all the time. I feel my heart racing, I feel kind of dizzy, then if it keeps up, I get sooo rundown and almost feel like I'm getting the flu

Upset stomach, diarrhea, headache, backache, even tremors can all be symptoms of stress. Your body reacts to your emotions too.

From personal Experience, yes depression or being upset can you make very ill..

Absolutely. I hope you get better

Luck of the Irish ♣

Yes it can make u sick & u need to take care of yourself & be careful. U need to beat whatever is bothering u before it really takes over. Go do things that u like & distract yourself. I hope u feel better soon.

Yes Stress can make you physically ill.


Read this article if you are having any of these symptoms i would suggest seeing doctors...Whats wrong Greta?(you can feel better now that im back :) )

ll <3 II
yes, have you ever heard the saying "don't worry yourself sick"? Do you sleep normally? are you anxious? You may need some help, don't shy away from it.

Absolutely normal. Anger and depression can cause many physical ailments. Try getting some exercise, the endorphins may help some.

David M.
it is normal, but pick your head up..tomorrows another day..besides, is it really worth getting all sick over?

KiM † ThE BlTcH iS BaCk † KiM
Yes, i asked a similar question the other day. I was working with an A$$hole Director, and he was being a Douche, and my boss was sitting in the studio, and i couldnt respond how i normally would because my boss was sitting there and i got sick to muy stomach had to run puke and go tot he emergency room.

3rd time around!!
yeah dont remind me...*goes to puke*

♥amanda♥[True Blue Cowboys Fan!]
Aww lil sis! It can... =( But my email thing is always open. sometimes u just need to spill your guts..it feels good to vent out... but it does make u physically sick so be careful =)

And email me!

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